This is our quest to showcase the greatest beaches in the world! The launch of our website is a combination of combining travel adventures (ours and yours) with the travel tips we have collectively learned over the years of racking up the miles and soaking up the sun around the globe.

Our love of travel is probably up there with yours. We geek out over luggage, love packing lists and are always hunting for the best spots at our destination. Insider travel tips and airline hacks make up the bulk of our bookmarks and we’re ready to share!

Here’s how we plan to build a beach-focused travel website

We love reading the articles like 24 Best Beach Islands in the World, 15 Most Famous Beaches in the World, or 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World, but there’s a big part missing in our mind. The documentation of each location – both with info and with social media. We’re still trying to recreate some of those GoPro shots we saw before getting to our destination, but simply can’t do it like the professionals. We want to believe the most epic photos are a slice of reality, but social media can pull the most recent and most popular pics from any destination in the world, as long as someone is posting.

This brings us to our content creation process:

  • Step #1: Pull the top beach locations in the world and complete the list as a hub
  • Step #2: Integrate Photo Galleries from Social Media and other Photo Sharing sites so you can always see what’s happening through the eyes of travellers like you.
  • Step #3: Create content that adds value to our readers. When it’s about a specific location, it’ll be a part of the location page as well.
  • Step #4: Grow. Our goal is to expand to have our content on multiple platforms, with many travellers like you acting as our travel correspondents. We can’t cover every inch of the beach globally unless we do it together.

We’re building a resource – we want travel to be fun and to beat the status quo for your beach adventures. To make each of our readers more prepared to travel, we really dug into the different topic ideas and how they could be categorized.

Here’s what our editorial team came up with:

Everything You Need to Know: Destination ReadyArticles in this category are part of a comprehensive page that touches on all aspects that someone would experience on their trip, focusing on the unique elements of that destination (experiences, sights, food, drinks, culture) that can only be found there.
Stay HereCovering the unique hotels and AirBnBs that exist in particular locations. Obscure grading criteria is encouraged as each location will probably have their own level of expectations for accomdations. These should be categorized into separate articles for different travellers (singles, couples, families) or type of accomodation (best value, cheapest, most luxurious, unique gems).
Eat Here. Drink HereLocal Drinks – beverages that are made, mixed or created by the beach. It can only taste that good at the source. This could also be a featured review of a favourite local bar or restaurant.
Complete Packing ListThese articles get you prepared for your trip and can be based on a particular itinerary (complementary article) or a type of traveller (singles, couples, families). Knowing that they will all be coming from afar and that there is often limited availability of certain products to purchase (scarcity means premium prices), this helps travellers pack ahead where it makes sense. Each of these will have a .pdf that can be saved/downloaded/printed for packing assistance.
CollectionsCompiling and comparing the different locations that a country or region has to offer. Sometimes, you’ll have to see every location, while in others you’ll learn where to go to find the hotspot or hidden gem.
GetawaysWhen a break is needed, a quick getaway can be the perfect solution. Check out these travel tips to get away without spending last-minute premiums.
Off the BeachThe cities, towns and tourist districts that complement the beach vacation. Getting to explore these areas usually tells more of the local story and gets you familiar with local culture and customs. Make sure you include time during your trip to explore these surrounding areas.
Beach Adventures and WatersportsSome beach destinations are little more than the rest, relaxation, and reset that every good vacation should include. However, there are beach destinations that have gained popularity because of specific adventures; an epic scuba diving location, ideal for yachts, or being a surfer’s paradise.
The editorial team has tried to have a comprehensive set of topics for our readers to be beach-ready.

Each of these categories will be an active part of the site. If you have a story or adventure to share, we’d love to hear from you as we’re actively reviewing contributor applications and guest post submissions.

As this site is designed to be a resource, please contact us with suggestions you have for improving the content on the site. We’re going to do our best to log all of the beaches from around the world and want to hear from you what we should share next.

Let the adventures begin.