YouTube Travel Channels to Follow

In the last three years, Youtube travel channels became our window into the world of travel and adventure. As we didn’t travel a lot because of the global pandemic, we started exploring interesting destinations from the comfort of our homes. We got inspired more than ever.

Have you noticed that there is so much travel content on YouTube nowadays? Therefore, it’s really hard to find and choose the best content that is meant exactly for you. Experience, quality, consistency…there is so much to think about. But what everyone certainly wants is someone who is inspirational, informational, and creates enough interesting and smart content to like and subscribe to.

To help you discover and choose the best YouTube travel channels, here is the list of the 10 best YouTubers to subscribe in 2022.

1.      Fearless and Far

Source: YouTube

Behind this travel vlog, stands a man named Mike Corey whose journeys are weird and wonderful. Far away from the mainstream, Mike is always on some sort of a hunt for strange and not-so-familiar travel experiences that keeps his viewers strongly glued to a sofa.

This YouTuber is very creative and has great skills when it comes to videos – from shooting to editing, he knows what he is doing! His YouTube channel is a great place if you are looking for crazy travel experiences that will tickle your imagination and wake your curiosity, adrenaline, and tension, as Mike and his travels are really fearless!

2.      Dave and Deb

Dave and Deb are an adventure couple whose motto is “adventure is for everyone”. They traveled to over 100 countries on every continent, sharing a really important message – you don’t have to be crazy rich, young, or very enthusiastic about the adventure to travel around the globe. This couple has been married for more than 20 years when they decided to want something more out of life. They create The Planet D. and started a new form of living. Forbes has named them as one of the top 10 travel influencers in the world. Both of them like specific experiences and they give the audience great information and are really sweet and charming.

 3.     The Bucket List Family

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Describing themselves as “just your average family working from all around the world as Family Travel Journalist”, Gee’s family are certainly more than average. In 2015, this brave couple with three kids sold everything they had in order to travel all around the world.  Since then, they have explored the world and made many videos of their adventures. What’s the most exciting about The Bucket List Family channel? Well, probably the fact that they will, through all their videos, make you question whether settling down is the best way to approach family life.

4.      Phil Good Travel

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Phil is a guy who is traveling all over Europe, promoting a positive attitude and “killing” stereotypes. His favorite motto is “today’s a good day to have a good day”. Phil is an honest and good man, and when you watch his travel videos, you will notice that he loves making everyone’s day! No matter what’s someone’s background, Phil will unite all the people. He is very consistent and always promotes solidarity between all cultures and races. In partnership with Matador Network, Phil Good Travel channel is successfully making his mission possible – Happiness and friendship for all the people.

5.      Sailing La Vagabonde

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Sailing La Vagabonde is an Australian couple who sails the oceans of the world, with no previous sailing experience. Sounds crazy and exciting? Well, it is. Elayna and Riley truly live every traveler’s dream – to live on a boat, sail into the sunsets and sunrises and breathe the salty air. This is not all – they sail with their baby Lenny!

This little family uploads new videos every Monday. And, all their videos have some helpful information for those people who plan on sailing.

So far, Sailing La Vagabonde traveled over 50,000 nautical miles! Very impressive, wouldn’t you agree? Therefore, there’s no doubt they have the true experience and know-how to make a good video that will inspire other people to travel the world by sea.

6.      Drew Binsky

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This man is a 2x Guinness World Record holder, supported by big names such as GoPro, Lonely Planet, Elite Daily, and Huffington Post. And, he is one of the most famous YouTube documentary makers and travel vloggers.

Drewe Binsky studied in Prague when he decided to start his travel blog and social media. Today, he has traveled to over 150 countries, discovering and celebrating different cultures all over the world. Drew talks about sociopolitical problems, gay and transgender acceptance, human rights, and racial and religious stereotypes. Furthermore, he also claims that the world is safe and, through his videos, he inspires people to travel and widen their perspective of the world. He also has some special guests on his channel, great travel tips, and so much more.

7.      Hey Nadine

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Nadine Sykora is one of the most fun and positive energy-charged travel vloggers that you can find on YouTube. She documents all her adventures around the world and her channel is full of tips, packing guides, hacks, and advice. She has traveled for more than ten years and all this time, she finds a way to make every single video fun and catching. Young people adore Nadine because she inspires them to travel everywhere and find interesting adventures. In addition, Nadine has a really trustable voice when it comes to anything that is related to travel, so her content is seriously relevant and good.

8.      Fun for Louis

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Louis Cole is a popular British travel vlogger whose signature is his dreadlocks. His channel has charismatic video content with daily vlogs and non-stop adventures. He is an exciting, engaging, and entertaining young man that inspires millions of people to travel. Louis uploads videos daily and his audience very much likes it. If you go to his channel you will find different video travel topics, camera tests, bus retreats, a trip to 22 countries, and dogsledding. In his description, we can find the sentence “My name is Louis Cole. I make a Daily Vlog of my life! I enjoy traveling the world with friends, having fun, and inspiring others!”

9.      Jennelle Eliana

Jennelle Eliana is a girl who lives in a van with her pet snake. She says “I made this channel to document my life living and traveling in a 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with my pet snake Alfredo. I hope to inspire you guys to get out there and do what makes you happy.”

And just like that, her YouTube channel became famous in just a couple of weeks! Her travel blog is sustainable – she makes her videos and edits them with her iPhone. The production values are lower but it provides a more authentic portrayal of van life. So refreshing!

10.      Kara and Nate

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Kara and Nate are a married couple from Nashville, Tennessee, who travelled to 100 countries by 2020. They started with a goal of traveling to 100 countries – which they have since achieved and surpassed!

“It all started with an idea to take 1 year off before our lives got too serious, and we thought daily vlogs would be a fun way to document it. We left home with 2 carry-on bags on January 10, 2016, and halfway through we KNEW we didn’t want to stop traveling the world anytime soon!” is what the couple said.

The traveling couple embarks on all kinds of adventures – from hiking Everest, to taking the Trans-Siberian Railway. You can also find a number of resources on travel hacking, YouTube videography, and entrepreneurship on their blog.