Virginia Beach – USA

Virginia Beach – USA

In southeastern Virginia, right on the coast, you can find the colorful Virginia Beach city. This oceanfront location is well known for its history, culinary, art, and entertainment experiences. Therefore, don’t be surprised by the number of visitors you can find there throughout the entire year.

Furthermore, it’s good to know that this city is divided into districts, with each having its own beach and different activities to experience. Each district offers its unique lifestyle which is great for those who want to relax on the beach but explore the inland as well.

In addition, you can visit Virginia Beach any time of the year and have an amazing time there. In fact, it would take 10 guides to share all this coastal city has to offer. But, this time, we tried to narrow down our choices to the most interesting ones. Enjoy!

Virginia Beach – Where to Start

In the following paragraphs, you will get a better insight into what Virginia Beach City has to offer. Let’s start with the weather and then move on to what to do once you are there.

Virginia Beach Weather

Virginia Beach offers warm and shiny summers while the winters are cold and with plenty of winds. Throughout the year, the temperatures go from 34°F in the winter and 87°F to 93°F during the summer.

If you are a summer climate fan, then the best time to visit Virginia Beach City is from the end of May, all the way to mid-October. So, as you can see, the warm season here lasts quite long.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

When in Virginia Beach, you must take a walk down the famous 3-mile long and 28-feet wide Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The mentioned 3 miles include a breathtaking Oceanside view, museums, an amusement park, a plethora of interesting activities, and a separate bike path for those who like to have a faster pace.

When it comes to making stops, there is a number of restaurants and cafes, all with amazing views. Just imagine a romantic dinner while enjoying a sunset over the ocean. Sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Cape Henry Lighthouse

virginia beach

The southern entrance to the iconic Chesapeake Bay is famous for its Cape Henry lighthouse. Furthermore, this lighthouse also marks the “First Landing” spot, the shores where the first English settlers made their first steps on the American continent.

This is an ideal spot for taking photos for your social media channels and for learning more about the history of the first settlers.

Oyster Farming Boat Tour

If you want to enrich your Virginia Beach experience, a boat tour is just the way to go. Such tours are there to celebrate the rich local food history and to make your vacation filled with great memories.

The oyster farming boat tour also includes out-of-the-boat times when you can take a walk on the sandy beaches while exploring the amazing marine ecosystems. Of course, checking out the oyster farming spots and trying them right out of the ocean is included in the tour.

Try the Famous Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab

When in Virginia Beach, among other interesting things to do and try, the legendary Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab is something you definitely have to try. There are many restaurants that offer this delicious crab as well as local crab shacks and they all prepare them excellently!

However, know that eating this crab demands some crab opening skills and plenty of patience. But, once you get the hang of it, all the effort will be rewarded with a taste that will stay in your memory forever.

Pro tip: Start your crab from its legs, then flip it belly up and work your way through its lateral lines. Bon appetite!

Have a Seafood Dinner

If the crabs aren’t your thing, don’t worry, Virginia Beach has excellent seafood choices and it’s always right-out-of-the-ocean fresh! Our recommendation is the famous Terrapin Restaurant, holder of many culinary awards.

The fine-dining restaurant is located in the vicinity of the Virginia Beach boardwalk and besides delicious meals, they also have an excellent cocktail menu. Of course, all of this comes with professional service and an excellent view.

On the other hand, if you do like crabs and want to try more than the legendary blue crab, you should definitely pay a visit to Bubba’s Seafood Crabhouse and Restaurant. This establishment is located on Shore Drive and offers mouthwatering crab cakes and crab soups.

Furthermore, for those of you who are seafood grill fans, or traditional grill lovers, we recommend the Waterman’s Surfside Grille.  This Virginia Beach iconic restaurant is located on the Boardwalk, more precisely at 5th and Atlantic and it’s been there since the 1960s!

Military Aviation Museum

virginia beach

Whether planes are your thing or not, checking out the Military Aviation Museum should definitely be on your checklist for the Virginia Beach road trip. The museum includes two massive hangars with planes from both World Wars on display, a WWI wooden hangar and a maintenance hangar replicas, and a grass airfield.

Now, you might wonder why a museum has an airfield, well, it might sound unbelievable, but all their warplanes are actually still in excellent condition and they are all flyable. Furthermore, during the summer, the museum hosts fly shows where you can see these magnificent warbirds reenacting dog fits in mid-air.

As far as their collection goes, you will be happy to hear that they have planes from 1910 to the early 1950s and models such as the legendary Stinson L-5 Sentinel, Curtiss P-40E Kitty Hawk, Douglas AD-4 Sky Raider, and even a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3

Wrapping Things Up

Well, now you know what the best things to do when in Virginia Beach are. You also know where the best food is and where to enjoy a romantic ocean sunset dinner with the ones you love. Therefore, you can start making preparations for your next road trip!

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and that you will leave a comment or a question in the comments section. We will be happy to help you out! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and insights about dream destinations.

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Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Today, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico. Thanks to its exotic natural beauty, warm waters, and top-notch beaches, Puerto Vallarta is well known among tourists who are seeking a mixture of warm hospitality and excellent service.

But let’s start from the beginning

In the past, the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta was just one unknown fishing village. Thanks to Hollywood couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Barton who moved to this area, bringing all world’s attention with them, this place soon transformed into a very popular tourist place.

Why You should come to Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta

Yes, here you can find the greatest restaurants and hotels. But what really attracts tourists are plenty of beaches to discover and to choose from. Every single one has its own enchantment. Some of them are only accessible by boat, some are hidden, some are surrounded by magical nature and others are full of life all around them.

Best time to visit Puerto Vallarta?

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is between April and June when the weather is nice and the price in hotels are affordable. During these months, rain is rare and there are fewer tourists compared to the winter high season. If you’re interested in whale watching, however, visit from December to March.

Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

It was really hard to choose between all those beautiful beaches on Mexico’s Pacific coast, but here are our recommendations.

Las Animas Beach

Playa Las Ánimas is a beautiful beach in the southern zone of Puerto Vallarta. It is the first stop water taxis make on the way West in the southern section of Banderas Bay.

Las Animas beach is a day tour favorite, so there are many cruise trips in the bay that arrive here during the day. It is very popular among beach lovers; the sand is clean and fine, the waters are clean, the waves are soft, and the surrounding nature is breathtaking.

At Las Animas, you’ll find a lot of restaurants and bars to enjoy drinks and authentic seafood under the shade of a palapa. There are banana boat rides, paddleboard rentals, Las Animas Adventure Park with zip-lines, balancing beams and so much more.

Las Gemelas Beach

puerto vallarta

Las Gemelas Beach is located about 10 miles south of central Puerto Vallarta. The easiest way to reach it is by Uber or a car, and it takes about 30 minutes ride. Also, access to the beach is free.

Well known for its sandy shore and cerulean waves, this beach is a great place to escape from crowded beaches and just enjoy in beautiful sand and water. Still, Las Gemelas beach is small so it can be really crowded with tourists over the weekend. To avoid the crowd, tourists should visit this beach during the week.

If you want your place in the sand, you should arrive early in the morning. Since there is a very few shops nearby, you should bring your own supplies – food, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, and towels.

In the end, the privacy of the beach, beautiful sandy beach, and blue-green waters here definitely make it a worthwhile stop.

Camarones Beach

Camarones Beach or Shrimp Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches near Colonia Olimpica in Puerto Vallarta. It is never crowded with tourists and vendors, and its waters are great for surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing.

In addition, the sand is really soft so you can stay in one place all afternoon. Also, Camarones Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy fresh food (there are some food stands and seafood restaurants).

This is not a beach where you can find an “all-inclusive” experience but you will find facilities like toilets, umbrellas, chairs, water sports, and beach bars. Sunsets from this beach are spectacular, as also sunrises and moonsets.

Marietas Islands

puerto vallarta

The Marietas Islands, also known as Lover’s Beach, are some kind of Puerto Vallarta’s “hidden gem”. The shore is formed inside an underground crater, creating a small beach amid the rocky Redonda Island.

Accessible only by boat, the Marietas Islands are popular among scuba divers, snorkelers, and birdwatchers. Spots are limited, so you’ll have to make a reservation ahead of time – most groups take off from Punta de Mita, a short drive north of Puerto Vallarta.

There is plenty of eco-tour to The Marietas Island. Most of them provide a full-day experience: snorkeling, exploring the bay, seeing whales, getting close up to the bird sanctuary on one of the islands, spending an hour or two on a beautiful, quiet private beach…The water is crystal clear and the beach is wonderfully sandy.

Las Caletas

Las Caletas is a hidden paradise, a private tropical beach accessible only by boat. If you want to go there you will have to book a trip out there. When you arrive, staff wait and serve drinks. They also point you to other activities such as snorkeling with sea lions, scuba diving or guided nature walks.

This is a great place for families with children because there are also child-friendly activities like donkey rides, swinging bridges, and zip lines…

The natural beauty of Las Caletas and its tropical sanctuary was discovered by the famous film director John Huston, who made it a private home for many years. But now, it’s open to the public.

If you looking for excitement, you will find it here. Huge tropical forest, three beaches, complete dive facility, kids adventure park, teen adventure cove… This beach is a “must-see” if you looking for a “Heaven on Earth” feeling or traveling with your children.

Los Muertos Beach

puerto vallarta

Los Muertos Beach is the most visited beach in Puerto Vallarta. Popular among the locals, families, and tourists from the nearest cities and states, this beach provides one of the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico.

People who come here also enjoy the local culture, beer, tradition, soft sand, and excellent food. The first part of the beach in the Romantic Zone (Old Vallarta), between the Cuale river mouth and Venustiano Carranza street, is called Olas Altas beach. And the south of Venustiano Carranza is called Los Muertos beach.

Los Muertos Beach, compared to the rest of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, is usually crowded with people. There’s food, beers, parasailing, vendors… The ocean waves aren’t big so you can swim as long as you like. And, the sand is great for building castles with your kids!

Garza Blanca Beach

This beach is one of the few in Puerto Vallarta that has white sand. Garza Blanca is celebrated for providing hours of fun for everyone who uses their hotels. There are full waiter service and free use of non-motorized beach toys.

In addition, this beach is certified for its cleanliness, and it is truly a paradise for everyone who is looking for a perfect vacation.  If you like to hike, nearby, you can find the Palo Maria River and take a 20-minute hike to its refreshing waterfall before relaxing by the shore. And when you do relax, you will do so by the “Blue Flag” certified clear waters.

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Algarve Portugal

Algarve Portugal

The Algarve is one of the most natural, intact coastlines of Portugal that has been on the tourist map since the early ‘60s. This is a place where you will find rocky coves, endless sandy beaches, clear water, sleepy fishing villages, and captivating Roman ruins. Not to mention that Algarve has unforgettable Mediterranean food and perfect local wines. Sounds good? Stay tuned for more!

A little bit more about this paradise

You probably wonder why you should pack your bags and go straight to the Portuguese Southern Coast. In the next few paragraphs, we will give you the answers that will certainly tickle your imagination.

Thanks to the British people who discovered the treasures of Portugal, we can enjoy the great taste of Portugal wines, but also the natural beauty of the Algarve – the area with the most beautiful beaches in the world, great fresh seafood cuisine, and the perfect place for escaping cold weather.

Today travelers from all over the world come to Algarve seeking adventure, beautiful views, excellent, inexpensive wines, and, mostly, superior beaches.

Useful info

The Algarve is the smallest administrative division on mainland Portugal. It is bordered by the Alentejo region on the north, the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south, and Spain on the east. It encompasses 1,930 square miles and has 451,000 permanent residents.

What to expect in Algarve Portugal

Loulé is a traditional Portuguese market town with a population of 70,000. It’s followed by the town Faro, home to an international airport, Portimão, where you’ll find Praia de Rocha, a stunning beach backed by ochre-hued cliffs, and Albufeira, a former fishing village with a busy marina and exciting nightlife.

Smaller in population but not in desirability is Lagos, which offers beautiful beaches and great bars and restaurants. Also, Tavira, with a castle overlooking a seven-arched Roman bridge and no less than 37 churches, and Lagoa, home of the most productive winery in the Algarve.

Almost every trip to Algarve includes walking on the beach, eating great food, drinking excellent wines, and most of all – bathing under the warmest sunshine in the world.

Awesome Weather

According to statistics, the Algarve has over 300 days of sunshine a year. This is the reason why this place attracts tourists during the whole year. In early spring temperatures are warm and fields are full of wildflowers and fragrant blossoms.

During May the sea starts warming up. In July and August, the sun is strongest and the season reaches its highest point. September and October are not so crowded with people, but you can still enjoy the summer’s heat. During the winter there is a little rain but the sunshine can be felt, still.

Algarve Portugal – The Beach is Calling

The Algarve has some of the best beaches in Europe; the area comprises more than 200 kilometers of sun-soaked coastline, with the beaches scented with fresh sea air and lapped by beautiful azure waters.

Some beaches are hidden away in quiet, scenic coves while others face the thunderous might of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal’s bathing season commences mid-June until the end of September when teams of qualified lifeguards supervise beaches. 

Beachgoers should note that:

  • A green flag flying over the sand indicates that it’s safe to swim.
  • A yellow flag denotes caution: stay within your depth.
  • A red flag is hoisted, do not enter the water.
  • A checkered flag indicates that the beach is temporary without lifeguard support.

When it comes to a Blue Flag, the symbol for the water that is of optimum quality, numerous Algarve beaches have been honored with this flag.

The Best Beaches in Portugal

So here is our list of the best beaches on Portugal’s southern coast. Enjoy the ride!

Praia do Camilo, Lagos

algarve portugal

Praia do Camilo is a stunning little beach that is considered one of the Algarve’s picture-perfect beaches near Lagos. This beach is blue-flagged and reached by a long, wooden staircase that descends from the clifftop over beds of white-leaved rockrose and rich saltbush.

The beach looks out over Lagos Bay which is one of the most stunning panoramic views that takes in several sea stacks. While the beach is lapped by a beautiful, aquamarine ocean, it also provides stunning golden and yellow sunbeds.

Nearby, you can find Camilo’s restaurants and toilet facilities. The only catch is that you have to climb the 200 steps back to the top of the cliff. Sound exciting?

Praia do Camilo is also reached from Lagos by a tarmac-topped road. Limited organized car parking is available, but summer sees space quickly snapped up, so it’s good to have that in mind.

Praia da Marinha, Caramujeira

algarve portugal

Praia da Marinha is one of the most popular Portugal beaches. It spreads out along the stunning cliffs and has beautiful, soft golden sand. The sea is crystal clear so it’s a kind of snorkeler’s dream.

There are plenty of arches, caves, and ledges, so you can spend hours exploring this beautiful place. Underwater nature trial is great, so scuba divers are most attracted to it.

The infrastructure of Praia da Marinha is good and extends to restaurants, toilet facilities, and a cliff-top car park. From which the beach is accessed. Beach is very busy during July and August. So if you want to avoid crowds, you can always go for a nice walk along the cliff-top path, which views are worth walking.

Praia da Marinha is a blue-flag beach that you and your crew can enjoy without worries.

Praia da Falésia, Aldeia das Açoteias

Thanks to the erosion of the red cliffs that keep the beach ultra-sandy, this Blue Flag beach is one of the most popular beaches in Algarve and the whole of Portugal. Thanks to six kilometers in length, Praia da Falesia is one huge beach that is never too crowded, even on top of the season.

This beach has great upscale hotels, beach shack cafes, and a lot of restaurants, so you can always have your lunch here and, at the same time, catch the sun.

When it comes to the sea, it is clean with crystal clear water. Swimming here is very refreshing, especially on a hot August day. Most travelers come here because of its beauty and diversity – orange rocks, pine trees, white lilies, dark blue skies…

Praia da Falésia is also great for long beach walks. It is stunning to walk along the sea, while you watch the great rock formations that characterize this beach. The full beach walk from the east to the west of the stretch of sand requires about 2 hours. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Along the Oregon coast lies a tiny, charming town that is best known for its iconic sea stacks that have made its beach one of the most popular in the world and yes, it’s Cannon Beach, a town with great hikes, wonderful beach shacks, and unforgettable brewery shops.

Cannon Beach is located just about an hour and a half from Portland, or about four hours from Seattle. The town has a population of just under 1,500 people.

Cannon Beach Weather

When it comes to weather, the summers in Cannon Beach are pleasant and partly cloudy. The winters are cold, windy, and wet. The best time of year to visit this charming town for warm weather is from July to August. During these two months, there are a lot of sunny days – an average of 9.5 hours of sunshine per day. December is the mostly cloudy month, with an average of 2.3 hours of sunshine per day.

What to Do at Cannon Beach

I hope you are ready because in the next few paragraphs we talk about an Oregon coast road trip and amazing things to do in Cannon Beach.

1.      First things first – Haystack Rock

cannon beach Haystack Rock

When we talk about special times by the sea, Cannon Beach is a place where you will find so much cool beaches in and around. But first to mention is certainly Haystack Rock. This is so a beautiful place! It’s really as stunning as in all the photos you have seen and especially dramatic at sunset.

Sometimes the beach can get crowded, but you can walk for miles and escape all the people around haystack rock. Everything around this beach is beautiful, but it is really expensive and touristy.

Indian Beach

As we mentioned, there are a lot of beautiful beaches nearby so you can always check them out. For example, Indian Beach is located north of Cannon Beach, inside the amazing Ecola State Park. This beach was even in the movies like “Twilight” and “The Goonies”.

Hug Point

You can also visit the Hug Point State Recreation Site which has one of the most amazing stretches of coastline in the whole area. There are sandstone caves, a waterfall, and tide pools… Our recommendation is to rent a car and enjoy the different beaches every day.

2.      Puffins muffins

If you think that puffins only live in Iceland or Alaska…you are wrong. These beautiful creatures found their home even at Haystack Rock. Believe it or not, there’s a colony of puffins that come on the north face of the sea stack each spring to lay eggs and raise babies. They choose to nest on rocky islands with a little grass, to hide their nests.

You should know that May is the perfect month to take a better look at puffins, especially because there are free programs and groups that provide all the help and information you need about those amazing “feather muffins”.

3. Surfing

cannon beach

For surfing fans and those who love watching Pros do their wave magic, Cannon Beach is the place to be. And, if you never tried surfing before and have that “I can do this” feeling, fear not, Cannon Beach Surf club offers lessons for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can’t or barely keep yourself on the surfboard, they have courses for every level.

In addition, if you are not such a fan of the cold water (Oregon water is not famous for being warm) thermal wetsuits, surfing boots, and gloves, are all included in the lesson fee.

Furthermore, if you want to warm up your muscles before putting on the wetsuit, you can even sign up for a yoga class before the surf lesson. This is a great way to properly stretch and warm up your muscles and get them ready for wave chasing and board balancing.

4. Bonfire on the Beach

You have to agree that sitting around a bonfire on the beach really brings up a positive and soul-warming feeling. There’s nothing better than absorbing the heat from the fire while the warm sand near the fire keeps your toes nice and cuddly. Not to mention how great it feels to be warm by the fire and why the cold ocean breeze keeps playing with your hair.

Now, even though sand can’t catch fire and cause a disaster, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious and build a rock “ring” around the fire pit and start the fire at a safe distance from the nearest bush or tree.

In addition, you should know that lighting fires on Cannon Beach are not allowed from July to September, as it’s wildfire season. So, just in case, before planning a bonfire on the beach, check local fire restrictions or with the local police (503-436-2811).

Restaurants and Breweries in Cannon Beach

Once you get tired of the beach and surfing, the best thing you can do is check out the Cannon Beach breweries. There are actually two of them and both have their restaurants where you can enjoy local mouthwatering food.

Pelican Brewing

The famous Pelican Brewing offers excellent beers and food at several locations along the Oregon coast. When it comes to beers, they are classic oriented so legendary beers such as the IPAs are always on the menu, as are lagers and stouts.

Food-wise, Pelican Brewery offers a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. But, keep in mind that during the summer, there are plenty of hungry tourists visiting the coastline and you might want to make a reservation ahead.

Or, just hit the brewery early in the morning for a breakfast for champions (bacon and eggs and a pint of beer).

Public Coast Brewery

The Public Coast is an adorable little brewery with a great selection of quite unusual beers. For example, you can try jelly stouts, fruit punch beers, or peanut butterbeer. And, just to keep your mind sober, we recommend their famous French fries baskets, best enjoyed on their patio.

Wrapping Things Up!

cannon beach

We have reached the end of your Cannon Beach guide. Now that you have a much better insight into all the best spots and places to eat (and drink), and when’s the best time to visit, we recommend that you start making plans for your summer road trip to Oregon Coast.

Also, feel free to hit us up with some additional questions and we will be happy to help you out. Likewise, make sure you share our guide so that your friends can discover Cannon Beach and maybe join you on your adventurous road trip.

Huntington Beach – California

Huntington Beach – California

If you are a passionate surfer who likes sandy beaches, a unique beach town vibe, and great restaurants and bars, then Huntington Beach in California is a perfect place for you. Known as Surf City in the USA, Huntington Beach attracts thousands of tourists daily. Every year a lot of tourists decide to become residents, so this is one of the fastest-growing cities in this part of California.

One of the most exciting things that this place offer is the city’s 9.5-mile-long beach. Of course, romantic sunsets, perfect restaurants and bars, and different kinds of town attractions are on the “must-do” Huntington Beach list.

Huntington Beach Weather

When it comes to weather, Huntington Beach is located all along the Pacific Ocean so there is no extreme heat, rainfall, or cold. It sounds like perfect weather. Well, it is. Year-round high temperatures average from 18 C to 26 C. The coolest months are December, January, and February, and the warmest is from July to October.

Huntington Beach – What to Expect There

So now that we know all the basic information about HB, let’s back to the track. We give you a list of the best things to do in Huntington Beach. Enjoy!

Huntington Beach Pier

huntington beach

Huntington Beach Pier is one of the top attractions of Huntington Beach. This pier is the heart of this city and its only purpose is – fun. Pier invites tourists to enjoy a stroll along its 1,850 feet that stretch all the way to the Ruby’s Surf City Diner.

People come here to watch surfers, and surfers come here to meet their friends and “colleagues” and talk about their passion for surfing. Likewise, fishermen also love to come to the pier. So if you love fishing, this is the place to be to hear great fishing stories and perhaps learn some new techniques.

This place has unforgettable sunsets so it is the reason why there are hundreds of tourists every evening. During the whole year, travel and fashion bloggers come to the pier to take photos for their blogs.

A Little Bit of History of Huntington Beach Pier

It’s interesting to mention that this pier was built of lumber in 1904, but was destroyed by storms and earthquakes. Later, the pier was made of steel-reinforced concrete protected by epoxy. Now it can take almost every natural disaster. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

International Surfing Museum

No matter if you are a surfer or not, International Surfing Museum is the perfect place to stop and find interesting information about this beautiful sport. Attractions such as motorized surfboards, rare and restored surfboards, and a whole palette of other surf-related collections can be found in this museum.

And, if you are a surfer you must come here to take some insider tips on the best places to surf in the area.

Downtown Huntington Beach

Pier, sandy beach, perfect restaurants, great bars, nail salons, fashion boutiques, ice cream shops….all of this you can find in Huntington Beach downtown. So no worries, you will be entertained 24/7.

Of course, it’s good to mention that Tuesday is “the day”. On Tuesdays, during Surf City Nights, this town comes crazy alive; they close 3 blocks of Main Street for traffic, farmers start selling everything (flowers, crafts…) and there is music and live performances. There are also activities for children – bouncy castles, pony rides, dances, clowns…

Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park is on the Pacific Coast Highway and is long about two miles. This park is located between Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach south and the Santa Ana River on the boundary with Newport Beach.

This is the most popular beach and a great place to spend your day swimming, surfing, fishing or just chilling in the shade of an umbrella. But don’t worry, there are many activities for those who cannot just sit all day.

From volleyball courts and basketball courts to hiking and biking trails, you can choose what you like the most.

This beach is very popular, especially in late spring, summer, and the fall, when swells come from the south to produce prime waves. Swimming is fun but risky because of the strong current and rip tides. Likewise, this beach is perfect for fishermen who catch fish with their bare hands. We dare you to try that!

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

huntington beach

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is a 1,300-acre sanctuary for wildlife and migratory birds. And for the protection of the coastal wetlands and species that call it home.

Bordered by residences and oil fields on one side, and Pacific Coast Highway on the other, this is a perfect place where you can walk along 5 miles of trails and look at almost 200 species of birds.

Downtown, you can find Bolsa Chica Wetlands Interpretive Center off Warner Avenue to discover scheduled tours through this great sanctuary.

Huntington Dog Beach

huntington beach dog beach

If you have a furry friend who likes the beach, this is the perfect place for him. We all know that Californians adore their dogs, and that’s probably a reason why Huntington has a beautiful beach along the Pacific Coast Highway that is reserved for dogs.

Here, your pet will enjoy playing with other dogs, beautiful sunsets, running by the ocean, and hopping after Frisbees. Their human friends could also enjoy making new friends or just chilling with the old ones. There are green areas on this beach so you can enjoy a picnic, too.

Huntington Beach Art Center

The Huntington Beach Art Center is dedicated to presenting and showcasing artworks of all kinds of media by local artists. The purpose of the center is to encourage curiosity and promote understanding of contemporary perspectives as well as cultural and historic ones.

Every year, the Huntington Beach Art Center makes an open call to the community and receives submissions from up to 300 artists.

Huntington Beach Old World Village

Since 1970, this village is a place where you can shop and dine, all in an old-world setting. Designed with the cobbled street, giving it period vibes, this is the place where you will find plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

If you are with kids, this place is perfect for your family. All shops are private so the place gives an eclectic mix impression. There are a lot of gift shops, local handicrafts, and boutiques with unique clothes.

Interesting information is that this village hosts different kinds of events, even Oktoberfest.

Wrapping Things Up

We have reached the end of our Huntington Beach guide. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading it and you learned useful new information about this great destination. If you plan on taking a road trip there, and you have questions, don’t be shy and let us know in the comments. We will be more than glad to help you out!

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