What to pack for your Family Vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu

What to pack for your Family Vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu

Family vacations to Hawaii are on many people’s bucket lists, but figuring out what to pack for your family vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu can be challenging. With the help of this packing list for Hawaii, you can be sure that your family will have everything they need for a wonderful trip. It will also indicate what you should leave at home.

If you’re going to Hawaii, you can probably fit everything in a carry-on bag if you pack lightly. The tropical climate of the Hawaiian Islands is typically bright and pleasant. But you might need some light rain gear depending on the season and the island you’re visiting!

What to pack for your Family Vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu

You may essentially bring the same items with you wherever in Hawaii you go. This Hawaii packing list makes sure you have everything you need, from beach bags and waterproof gear to swimwear and caps.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are at the top of our packing list. They actually do keep everything orderly in the hotel and in our carry-on bags. There are several varieties, but these TravelWise packing cubes are our favorite.

Hygiene Items as Anti-Covid 19 precaution

Although regulations are subject to change, COVID-19 altered the way we travel, and some goods will always be necessary for maintaining excellent cleanliness.

  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Sanitizing hand lotion
  • Masks ( Many locations in Hawaii still demand tourists to wear masks in public, at the beach, and in restaurants).

Personal Items to Bring on a Vacation to Hawaii

  • Driving permits
  • Cards – both debit and credit
  • Cash
  • Health insurance papers
  • Auto insurance papers
  • Vaccine records (or have them handy on your phone)
  • The details of a confirmed hotel or rental

With a cell phone case that also stores cards, you can have all of these goods handy while at the beach. Most of these cases have price tags under $16, making them worthwhile purchases for the beach or daily use.

What to Pack for Your Family Vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu: Clothes to Bring

You’ll be in and around the ocean and sun a lot. Therefore, swimsuits are the most crucial item. Don’t go overboard though! Eight swimsuits for five days is just too much. Depending on how long your journey is, we advise two or three. (Our favorite local advice is to always bring a swimsuit so you may enjoy any beach, river, or waterfall whenever the mood strikes.)

Everything you need for the beach, kayaking, luaus, island road trips, and more, is included in this packing list.

Keep in mind that Hawaii is a relaxed family vacation destination. You should leave the heels and cocktail gowns at home unless you’re going to a wedding. Additionally, make sure your tops, capris, and shorts are lightweight and quick to dry if they become wet.

  • Shorts
  • Sundresses
  • Capris
  • breezy tops, tank tops, t-shirts
  • two or three swimsuits
  • Sarongs or swim cover-ups
  • Rash guards with SPF sun protection for men, women, and children
  • Bras, sports bras, and undergarments
  • Pajamas
  • Flip-flops
  • Water shoes
  • Sandals (for luaus and going out to dinner)
  • Sneakers/hiking shoes (Hawaii has tons of interesting hiking trails!)
  • Belts for accessorizing
  • Scarves for warmth
  • Light, waterproof jacket for sailing, light rain, etc.
  • A decent sun hat

Toiletries for Everyone

Pack your own must-have bathroom necessities to avoid making the journey to the neighborhood convenience shop or hotel concierge. However, bring liquids in a travel-sized container.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Lotion
  • Aloe
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Hairdryer (most hotels provide hairdryers. But it doesn’t hurt to pack a compact dryer)
  • Brushes/Combs
  • Hair ties, scrunchies, and clips
  • Hair products
  • Gel
  • Shower Cap
  • Safety Pins
  • Contacts & case
  • Contact solution
  • Glasses
  • Makeup bag
  • Feminine products
  • Perfume/cologne
  • Cotton swabs/cotton balls
  • Nail polish & remover
  • Nail clipper and file
  • Vaseline
  • Travel-sized laundry detergent packs.

Don’t Forget the Medicine

Nobody intends to become ill or harmed while on vacation. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, so be ready by keeping prescriptions and first-aid supplies close at hand. Make sure you have adequate prescription medication for the trip if anyone in your family needs it.

  • Both adults and kids
  • First-Aid Kit – w/Band-Aids, ointment, etc. (To save space, place the items in a zipped plastic bag)
  • Vitamins
  • Motrin
  • Benadryl

Beach Essentials

You’ll need a day pack filled with necessities for a fantastic day at the beach or an island road trip once you’ve checked into your hotel. Don’t forget the following:

What to Pack for Your Family Vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu: Entertainment & Technology

You should bring the following goods, whether you want to be ready for a wet day, enjoy some sports on the sand, or get creative with your beach photos:

For Your Rental Car

Renting a car is a smart decision for your trip to Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands provide a wealth of sights and activities. Learn how to use the turn signals, windshield wipers, and other amenities before you leave the lot. You wouldn’t want to be stranded in an unexpected downpour without knowing where your wipers were!

Bring these practical goods with you on enjoyable day outings.

  • Car chargers
  • Snacks & drinks
  • Garbage/plastic bags
  • Portable items from Entertainment List
  • Towels
  • Change of clothing

What NOT to Pack for Your Family Vacation to Waikiki and Honolulu

Some things are simply not worth carrying around. Especially when they are available for purchase in the Hawaiian Islands.

  • Posh evening attire and shoes
  • Scuba diving equipment because in most cases your hotel has all that for renting or even free
  • Floating inflating rafts. When purchasing rafts and other pool and beach accessories in Hawaii, think about donating them to another family after you depart.
  • Beach towels are provided at hotels and take up too much space. Or purchase towels there. They are useful as mementos.)
  • Heavy garments or jackets.
How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation? Well, you should know that traditional beach vacations are a wonderful way to relax and spend time with family over the summer. And, this year shouldn’t be an exception. So, do you want to plan the best beach trip you’ve ever taken? You can create a lot of memories if you put in a little more effort.

Are beach days your favorite kind of vacation?

Being well-prepared can make the difference between enjoying yourself in the sand and water and having a dreadful time due to things like bug bites, sunburns, inclement weather, etc. Whether your beach vacation lasts for a month, two weeks, a weekend, or just a day, the following pieces of advice will ensure you have a great experience.

The most significant “items” you may pack for your beach vacation are things like sunglasses, lotion, a good mood, and a sense of humor. Read these tips to make sure you have a good day in the sun, sand, and surf. 

The best beach choice depends on the kind of vacation you want

Decide what kind of experience you want from your vacation before you arrive. Do you prefer busy crowds, or would you prefer to read a book in peace while listening to the seaside waves? Are you taking young children with you on this trip, or would you rather travel with mostly adults?

Do you want to go somewhere where pets aren’t allowed or do you want to take your dog with you? Want to stay away from mosquitoes? Do you want to spend most of your time in the water or on the sand? By doing your “homework” first, you’ll find a beach with an environment you’ll like the most.

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation – Bring proper swimwear

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation

Your beach vacation can be much improved by wearing the appropriate swimsuit. The most crucial factor is that you feel at ease and satisfied with your swimwear. There are numerous styles to choose from, including one-piece and bikinis.

Bright colors and playful patterns are popular choices this year. But, you may also go for timeless neutrals that will last you for years to come.

Pick the appropriate shoes and bag

A useful bag is essential for a beach getaway. You can use it for going out and seeing the town as well as on the beach. Brown leather cross-body purses are a fantastic choice because they are stylish and incredibly functional! You can travel with these while still looking stylish.

For those special instances when you’ll only be at the beach, you can also bring along a variety of beach totes, including packable ones.

Get your body ready

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation

Spend some time preparing and supporting your skin before going to the beach. Give the skin some time to prepare by exfoliating and, if desired, shaving. For your time at the beach, this will leave your skin feeling soft and new.

Remember to deep clean your skin after enjoying the day at the beach or in the water. Then apply a soothing lotion to help calm your skin and restore it with moisture.

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation – Sun protection is a must-have

If you plan to spend time at the beach, wear sunscreen! Fortunately, there are various methods available to keep your skin protected from harmful sun rays. For instance, you should make absolutely sure you are using sunscreen made for the body and face.

Of course, don’t forget the protective lipstick. Furthermore, you can always wear sun hats to shield your skin and bandanas to cover your hair. Reapply sunscreen frequently throughout the day, but especially after being in the water.

Bring games suitable for the beach

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation

Games should always be packed, even though relaxing on the beach is a fantastic option as well!   As an illustration, you may bring your favorite beach entertainment activities – novels, magazines, and a portable speaker. A deck of cards, a ball for football or soccer, a frisbee, and possibly paddles and a ball for some beach paddleball are all excellent things to bring.

In order to protect your gadgets from sand, seawater, and other beach factors, it is advised that you purchase covers as you prepare for your beach days. Use high-quality cases to shield your cell phones from the elements. You are prepared for your stay at the beach with these procedures and your electronics are safe!

Wear UVA and UVB sunglasses of high quality to protect your eyes

Your eyelids, cornea, and other eye structures are all extremely sensitive to UV light damage from the sun. For good eye protection, it’s critical to look for sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation.

Read the labels thoroughly and avoid purchasing sunglasses that don’t specify how much UV protection they offer. A style with larger lenses will offer the highest UV protection; a wraparound style will offer the most eye protection.

Avoid having your valuables stolen, lost, or damaged

If possible, leave all of your valuable belongings at home. When you’re not using any of the ones you brought with you, store them in a safe in your hotel room.

A tiny, wearable, waterproof case is a good idea to have on hand in case you need to bring some cash, keys, or other valuables to the beach.

Keep Your Mobile Phone on You and the Battery Charged at All Times

Unlike you, emergencies don’t take vacations. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Keeping a charged cell phone with you at all times can save your life, or someone else’s, if you need to call for help. It also gives you peace of mind to know that you are reachable to a family member or caretaker If there’s an emergency back home.

We strongly recommend getting a waterproof, crush-proof, airtight case for your mobile phone. And, try to buy an extra, fully-charged battery in case you get an injury, stuck, or in trouble.

How to Prepare for a Beach Vacation – Keep your phone charged and in your possession at all times

Emergency situations don’t take holidays. Anyone, everywhere, can experience them at any time. If you ever need to call for help, a fully charged cell phone can save someone’s life, including your own. Knowing that you can be reached by a friend or family member in case of an emergency at home can be calming.

We really advise buying a waterproof, crush-proof, airtight case for your smartphone, in addition to an extra, fully charged battery that you may take into the water with you in case you become hurt, become stuck, or encounter other difficulties.

What to Buy For a Beach Vacation

What to Buy For a Beach Vacation

What to buy for a beach vacation? We usually ask this question too late—only a few days before the trip, when we have time to think about packing and create a speed list for the sea, which is mostly incomplete. Packing for the sea then ends with us either forgetting something or bringing a bunch of unnecessary things. To rule out that possibility, it’s best to make a list of vacation items to keep and serve as a packing guide so you don’t forget anything.

So, what to buy for a beach vacation?

In order to make the whole process easier for you, in the following lines we will show you what to buy for a beach vacation. So here is a list of things that you should buy for a beach vacation so that you don’t miss anything!

Fast Dry Travel Towel

Perhaps the most important thing to take on a beach trip is a nice beach towel. Use your travel towel to swiftly dry yourself off or to chill and read a book. No matter your age—young, old, or somewhere in between—this towel is ideal for a fun-filled beach day or a relaxing day spent by the sea. This fast dry travel towel is offered in a variety of colors and includes an extra washcloth.

Waterproof Phone Case

Have you ever wished you could shoot some selfies with your phone while swimming in the ocean? With the help of this waterproof pouch, you may now do so. It includes a straightforward snap and lock clasp to keep sand and water out. Additionally, your touchscreen and camera will continue to function normally.

Underwater Digital Camera

You may capture your aquatic experiences forever with a waterproof camera. You get a complete set of high-quality digital camera features with this one, including underwater sound for your recordings. It is also incredibly inexpensive, practical, and long-lasting.

Float Straps for Devices

Your electronics should be waterproof and float if you intend to take them anywhere near water. Imagine that your phone is at the ocean’s bottom. No fun. These flotation straps are intended to keep electronic items floating so that they can be rescued more easily. Additionally, they are cozy to wear on your wrist, which will keep your devices from ever falling out.

Veken Packing Cubes

A few packing cubes will make it so much simpler to stay organized when you’re traveling, whether you’re hauling around a backpack, luggage, or just your car. Grab the cube containing your swimsuits and you’ll be ready to go to the beach, whether it’s a local beach or while on vacation in Mexico. You will save time by not having to look for your swim trunks or bikini top.

Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Beach days can be really damaging to your hair. When combined with saltwater and wind, sun exposure alone can lead to long-lasting damage, which leads to frizz and dryness. The nutrients in your hair are restored and your hair is shielded from additional harm thanks to this leave-in conditioner. It has a pleasant scent, is simple to apply, and we’ve discovered that it doesn’t leave behind a lot of heavy product residue.

Cooling Towel

Bring your cooling towel to the beach so you can stay cool and enjoy the day longer. When you use this towel, however, you will feel chilled and motivated to lead a joyous day. Hot temperatures might make you feel nervous and lethargic. To relax and control your body temperature, wrap it around your wrist, place it over your neck, or wrap it around your shoulders. Roll it up at the end of the day, put it in your handbag, and relax for the evening.

Cooler Bag

A regular supply of ice-cold beverages and food is essential for a beach day. With the help of this sturdy, foldable, portable cooler bag, everything will stay chilled. For example, It can carry up to 24 bottle of 500 ml Coca Cola and has an incredibly thick insulating lining. You can proceed after including some beach-friendly snacks (such as cheese).

Beach Mat

Beach mats are “must have”, but the wrong mat will be blown around, packed with sand, and be difficult to dry at the end of the day. This beach mat is lightweight and quick to dry because it is constructed of parachute material. Additionally, it folds up very little for easy packing. Additionally, there are sand weights on the borders to ensure that it won’t move in the ocean breeze. Even pockets for your possessions are included.

Beach Bag

A good beach bag should be large, light, and easy to clean of sand. This bag has all of that plus an additional cooler inside, giving you even more room! Because it is designed for travel, it will easily fold up for packing and storage.

Natural Hand Sanitizer

Keeping clean while having the ideal beach day is challenging, but if you have hand sanitizer with you, everything is doable. Enjoy swimming, aquatic sports, and beach picnics while being safe and clean. This hand sanitizer smells wonderful and will keep you and your guests feeling clean for several hours. Having this in your beach bag will allow you to safely enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Beach Umbrella

It’s a good idea to pack some form of sun protection so you can take breaks from the heat and UV rays. This umbrella is huge enough to shade three people at once and anchors into the sand to prevent it from blowing away. Using the carrying bag that is included makes transporting simple thanks to the ultra-lightweight design.

Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes

At the beach, it’s critical to protect your feet both in and out of the water. Unprotected feet can be damaged by sharp rocks and shells; don’t take a chance on getting an infection! You can swim, wade, walk, and hike while wearing these fantastic shoes. Beaches love them since they don’t collect sand, dry quickly, and grip effectively.

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation

When it comes to what to pack for a 4-day beach vacation, you probably think that it’s not so stressful. I mean, it is only four days, right? What could go wrong with your packing? Well, we don’t want to scare you, but packing for a few days is sometimes more difficult than packing for a week or month. However, if you take the time to plan ahead and learn a few packing tricks, you can make packing a simple task that will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip. So stay tuned for more! 

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation – Imagining Your Journey

It all stgarts with having a clear picture of what you want from your beach vacation.

A weather check should be done before packing

We live in the era of the Internet. You can always research everything you need to know about the travel destination you plan to visit. When it comes to the weather, you can easily find the usual highs and lows in order to help you plan your clothes. For example, if you live in a chilly area but will be visiting a hot location, you will know that you need sandals, shorts, and hats.

Set your planned activities in motion

Will you be going on excursions, visiting museums, relaxing at the beach, or going out? It will be easier to prepare and decide what to take if you have a general idea of how each day of your vacation will go. For instance, you generally don’t need to pack nice clothing for a night out if you are planning on spending a week at a remote cottage. Create a list of all the activities you have scheduled and note what clothes you will need for each one.

To prevent overpacking, coordinate your clothes

Only bring items that go with your other clothes. To make sure your clothes match, arrange your clothes on your bed. Leave your favorite skirt at home if you want to pack it but aren’t taking a top or shoes to go with it. In the same way, whether you wear ties or formal shoes, make sure they match your pants and shirts. If you want to bring a handbag, make sure it goes with more than one outfit.

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation – Get the Basics In Order

Just like for every other trip, when it comes to what to pack for a 4 day beach vacation, the first thing you need to do is get the basics in order.

When traveling, pack the essential toiletries

Deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, face lotion, face wash, hairbrush, styling products, contact lens case/solution, hand sanitizer, razor/shaving cream, feminine hygiene items, and lip balm are a few things to keep in mind.

Pack enough clothes to last four days

You should pack 2-3 pairs of shorts or pants, 3–4 tops, a light jacket or a heavy jacket (depending on where you are going), and a formal suit if you intend to go to a fancy restaurant or event for your four-day vacation. Pack a few swimsuits or trunks if you’re going to the beach.

Don’t forget to pack some sleepwear

Take a few sleepwear options for the week. You might also want to pack a lightweight sweater if you tend to get cold at night. Consider wearing the same shirt to bed at night if you’re attempting to conserve room.

Be careful when choosing your shoes

Bring one pair of walking shoes that are comfy. If you intend to go out, bring one pair of dress shoes or flats that match your outfit. Bring a single pair of sandals for the beach. Your backpack will weigh less if you bring fewer pairs of shoes.

Bring your underwear

Bring four or five pairs of socks, four or five pieces of underwear, two or three undershirts or bras, and any slips or other items you might need. Bring fewer pairs of underwear and be prepared to wash soiled clothing in the sink at your accommodation if you are short on packing space.

Pay attention to carefully selecting your accessories and matching them with your clothing

Sunglasses, scarves, caps, jewelry, ties, and belts are a few items you might want to bring with you. Be careful not to bring anything especially precious when packing jewelry in case it is lost or stolen.

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation – Take your electrical devices and chargers with you

Things to keep in mind: a voltage adaptor, a video/MP3 player, earbuds, a camera, and an electronic reader. Consider carefully what you plan to do on your trip and what you’ll need to bring with you. You might not need all of these things for a 5-day trip.

The week before your travel, refill any prescriptions you might need

This will ensure that nothing runs out while you are away! Don’t forget to bring your birth control tablets if you use them.

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation – What to Put in Your Bag

The big and most important question, what to put in your bag?

Bring along travel-sized toiletries and other necessities

Most of the time, you should be able to purchase toiletries where you are, either from the hotel or a neighborhood pharmacy. However, put your lotions, shampoos, and liquids into travel-sized containers if you have anything from home you want to pack. This is also a good solution for everyone who wants to save money — you don’t have to buy anything of this when you arrive at your destination.

Bring everything you need to pack into one room, including your bags

You should have no trouble fitting all of your clothing and essentials into one bag or suitcase for a four-day vacation. As you pack your backpack, keeping everything together in one area will assist you in staying organized.

To save space, roll your clothes

Clothes should be rolled up tightly to avoid creases and conserve space in your suitcase. Utilize this method: Lay the piece of clothing flat and then fold the bottom 2 inches inside out to make a pocket or envelope. Roll the object tightly from the opposite end of the fold until you reach the pocket. After that, secure the roll by folding the pocket’s one edge over it.

If you are traveling by air, keep a compact bag with your necessities close at hand

You’ll save time and effort by doing this before boarding the airplane. Keep a small bag with your flying necessities inside your carry-on bag (a book, magazine, pen, paper, headphones, cough drops, earplugs). As a result, you can easily remove and stow the smaller bag as you board the plane.

What to pack for a 4 day beach vacation – Save space with e-books and e-magazines

You can download e-books and magazines to read on an iPad, Kindle, or comparable device without taking up valuable space in your luggage. If you already subscribe to a magazine, look into the free electronic access that many subscriptions offer.

What do I need to wear at an all-inclusive vacation

What do I need to wear at an all-inclusive vacation

It’s fun to pack for an all-inclusive vacation since it gives you something to look forward to, which can help lower your stress levels. But occasionally, we overpack or overlook some of the more significant, unanticipated extras that could end up costing us at the resort.

All-inclusive vacation resorts are so much fun and offer excellent value for your money. How can you go wrong when everything, including flights and transfers, food, beverages, entertainment, and activities, is included in the price? The only choices you have left are where and when to dine and whether to spend the day by the pool or the beach.

No matter where you go, this all-inclusive vacation packing list is great for Mexico, Spain, Italy, Cuba, Greece, etc! So grab your drink and enjoy the following.

So what should you bring to an all-inclusive vacation resort?

Personal care products

Personal care items are frequently offered. Usually, you don’t need to bring your own body wash, shower gel, shampoo, or conditioner because they are all included. Your preferred anti-frizz serum should be included because hair tends to frizz up a storm at the beach. Just keep in mind that your liquids cannot contain more than 100 ml each if you are just bringing a carry-on. Utilize recyclable bottles. Insect repellant, bobby pins and hair ties, makeup remover, makeup, deodorant, razor, hygiene products, toothbrush and toothpaste, and contraceptives are all items that should be included in your care products bag.

Beach and pool

You should bring at least two swimsuits so you will always have a dry one. Our advice is a bikini for the beach, and a monokini bath suit for the pool. You will also need a good hat made of natural materials, at least three UVA/UVB sunglasses, and one big beach bag. Why the big beach bag? Because it needs to carry all your belongings down to the beach or pool. The beach bag should be easy to use, also. When it comes to sunscreen, you should bring your own because if you forget it, you will probably purchase an expensive one. Your sunscreen should be reef safe because there are tour operators who demand that in order to protect the ecosystem. Lip sunscreen and one book or Kindle are “must have” items for the beach or pool.


The best evening meals are those at all-inclusive resorts. There are always a few options for both informal and more formal dining, depending on the resort you are staying at. At all-inclusive resorts, formal attire is typically subject to certain dress codes. The truth is that most people spend their time on vacation in swimsuits and cover-ups, but all-inclusive resorts have dress codes that every guest should follow.

For women

It can be challenging to predict how many outfits or items of clothing you’ll need. But as a general rule, the following is the outfit you should bring on a seven-day trip: one pair of dress sandals, and one pair of comfy sandals, one pair of shorts, one t-shirt, and one tank top, 5 evening dresses, 2 skirts, and enough nice underwear. When it comes to purses, choose a midi purse in a neutral color. It will fit every outfit, and it will carry your lipstick, phone, room card, sunglasses, and money.

For men

Men typically need a collared shirt to enter restaurants for dinner. Absolutely no muscle shirts or tank tops. A pair of long pants is a must-have as well. This is a requirement whether you’re staying at a luxury hotel or an adult-only resort. Other resorts allow males to wear shorts as long as they also wear a collared shirt and close-toed shoes.

Carry on

The most important thing you can put in your carry-on is certainly your passport. Don’t forget to carry identification with you at all times. Even though you aren’t required to have a passport to fly, it’s a good idea to have a photo ID just in case. Without correct identification, you might not be able to pick up a rental car or check into a hotel.

Now that so many airplanes have in-flight charging capabilities, you can be sure that your phone, tablet, or laptop stays charged during the voyage. If you want to use the in-seat power, make sure to carry those attachments. Take headphones with you because the speaker annoys other passengers in the airport lounge and on the flight. If you use earbuds or AirPods, it’s a good idea to have them in your pocket, so you can easily reach and use them as you sit down without having to get up and fetch them from the overhead.

Flying can cause serious dehydration. Having a water bottle on hand makes it convenient to use it whenever you want. If you need to take medication every day, make sure to pack enough for a few days in your carry-on bag. Your health could be in danger if your luggage is delayed or lost.


The following items from home should be on your packing list for an all-inclusive vacation. It’s possible that at some point during your journey, you or someone else will feel queasy or uncomfortable in the stomach. It might be from getting used to the diet (eating too much tropical fruit can make you queasy) or simply from consuming too many sweet drinks. Additionally, painkillers are simply too pricey at the resort shops; carry your own from home. In some areas, mosquitoes can be a problem at night depending on where you’re going.

If you frequently get bitten by insects, it’s a good idea to bring bug repellent wipes with you, even if you won’t see them in certain busy places like Cancun (where you’ll never have to worry about the bottle leaking). You never know how your skin could respond to the heat if this is your first all-inclusive or tropical vacation. I’m bringing a calming cream to treat my irritated, red skin from the sun and heat.

10 Savvy Packing Tips

10 Savvy Packing Tips

Savvy packing tips could really come in handy when you are preparing for a short business trip or a 10-day holiday vacation as it could get really stressful. Nowadays, we can find a lot of packing tips all over the Internet; even professional travelers share their good and bad packing experience! When packing for a trip you should follow the first rule of packing tips, and that is – don’t panic.

Some wise traveler once said that when packing for a trip it’s best to take half the luggage and double the money. Big and wise words. Still, if you are a person who wants to look stylish and fashionable in every single moment of your vacation, then those big and wise words must be replaced with big and wise packing tips.

Therefore, get yourself a coffee and get comfortable because we will share with you 10 Savvy Packing Tips that will make your packing easier than ever.

Savvy Packing Tips – 10 Best and most Useful Ones

Let’s start with our 10 savvy packing tips list. Get ready to never have a holiday packing nightmare ever again.

List of Priorities

We know, lists are so boring. However, you must know that writing everything down before you start packing is the only way to avoid forgetting something. You will, spontaneously, make priorities of stuff that you really need and stuff you can “forget”. When you make a list, go through it again. Make sure you put everything on paper. This way you will be more relaxed and more secure in your choices.

Keep Rolling

savvy packing tips

You should roll your clothes, especially towels and underwear. This way you will avoid the need to iron every single piece of clothes when you reach your holiday destination. Your clothes will be nice and straight when you unroll them from your suitcase.

At the same time, you will see so much space in your suitcase and bags. If you don’t know how to do it or you don’t believe in the words we say, go to YouTube and check out some great rolling clothes videos!

Separate Your Clothes

When you put all your clothes in one bag you should know that there’s a chance to get crazy and forget in which part of your bag are panties and in which dresses. To avoid that chaos, it is good to sort your clothes into different bags. Dresses in one bag, underwear in another, etc. So when you prepare for your romantic holiday dinner you will know where to find the dress, and where to find your gorgeous necklace.

Laundry Bag

Dirty laundry… Nightmare. If your vacation doesn’t include an all-inclusive hotel where you have someone to do your laundry, you shouldn’t contaminate your luggage with dirty laundry. Take one plastic bag and put your dirty laundry in it. It is really important to separate it from the clean laundry because of bacteria, smell, and all other unpleasant stuff. This will save your time when you come back home. You will just put the clean clothes back in your closet, and a laundry bag straight in the washing machine.


Don’t put your big bottle of perfume or shampoo in your suitcase. The thing is – you should avoid getting your bag soaked in all that cosmetics. They take a lot of space! Just repack your liquids into refillable cosmetic containers.  Containers will give more space to your clothes. You can buy them in stores all over the internet. They are cheap, very well designed, and most important – recyclable and great for the environment.

Bye, Bye Beauty Products

savvy packing tips

Say goodbye to your daily routines. Why waste your time on makeup when you can spend that time on the beach? Actually, you know that you will probably sweat during the hot summer holiday. So why bother your skin with unnecessary makeup?

Let your skin breathe, soak your hair in the sea, and just forget about the hairspray, eyeshadow, and other beauty products. The summer sun is enough for you to glow and wake up your natural beauty! Bring only the most essential products such as lip balm, night and day cream, body lotion, and sunscreen.

No Need for a Carry Bradshaw on Holiday

Yes, it’s easier to say than do but only pack what you need, not what you want. You will survive without 3 more sandals, or 4 dresses more. Bring clothes in colors and mix them and match; shoes should be neutral so you can mix them with different kinds of clothes. One light sweater is a “must” because there will be some fresh nights and mornings and you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Training Gear

Don’t lose your shape, even if you are on holiday. Training gear will remind you that physical activity is crucial for your energy and happiness. Free some space in your suitcase and put that beautiful training gear you bought last year for an enormous sum of money. You never know when you will decide to ride a bicycle, run or play volleyball. There are hotels that have gyms, too. Don’t forget to bring a bag for your water bottle to prevent dehydration.

Low Battery –  A Holiday’s Nightmare!

People like to share holiday pictures and videos, tag their family members and friends, add locations… All of that could be impossible if you forget your charger and cables. So make sure you avoid losing your mobile equipment. Just put them together in some pencil case or an old sunglasses case. This way you will make sure you know where you put all that stuff and will be easier to find them in a suitcase.

Pro Savvy Packing Tip: Powerbanks are life savers when your battery runs out while you are out and about.

Big Hand Luggage

If, somehow, you couldn’t give up that great big bottle of hair conditioner or that beautiful cocktail dress, be sure you bring a big handbag to get extra room for all that stuff you can’t live without. Big hand luggage is a great solution for your most valuable items, in case of a lost suitcase. You can also use this luggage to put your souvenirs on the way back home.

Savvy Packing Tips – Wrapping Things Up!

So this is it. We hope you enjoyed the ride. Take our tips seriously go through them again, check for video tutorials and make packaging joyful. Have a nice trip!

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