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Honolulu, Hawaii

Pack Your Bags! Waves Of Waikiki Are Calling

Sure, there are many beaches to explore in the USA. But how many of them can promise you calmness, adventure and a room from where the ocean is just 300 feet away? Waikiki is one such uniquely pleasant destination you may visit during the summer or the fall.

It is part of the Honolulu neighborhood on Oahu Island. Even though Waikiki is a small area, it offers plenty of exciting activities including surfing, snorkeling, hiking and simple family-friendly sports.

Welcome to Waikiki

Devoid of all the pollution and unhealthy air of urban life, this place lets you breathe freely without any inhibition. If you want to spend some memorable time here, get to know about its highlights and the packing essentials from this Waikiki travel guide.

What To Pack Before Going To Waikiki?

1. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

The most important item to put in your backpack is reef-safe sunscreen. It means that the sunscreen must be free from chemicals that are toxic to coral reefs, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate.

We recommend so because the Hawaii State Law has banned the sale and distribution of such sunscreens since January 2021.  Thus, it would be safer if any item like that is not found in your luggage.

2. UV Swim Shirts

If sunscreen is not your preferred protection against harmful UV rays, you can let the UV swim shirts do all the hard work instead. These shirts come in a range of UPF levels but you should not choose one below 30. In fact, a UPF of 50 or up will provide the maximum protection against 98% of these harmful rays.

3. Water Friendly Footwear

You can comfortably walk on the white sand either barefoot or with a pair of slippers. However, when you are getting close to the wet areas, you will need water-friendly shoes. They will also protect you against sharp coral reefs and make the snorkeling experience more secure.


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Where To Go In Waikiki?

1. Waikiki Beaches

Waikiki beaches are often the highlight for visitors here, no matter the length of their visit. Both day-travelers and tourists on long vacations come here to embrace the sound of the sea.

Its serene scenery of white waves crashing against warm sand and the seemingly endless blue horizon kissing the sky, makes for a picturesque sight one can hardly forget.

Consisting of eight separate sections, it is one of the most famous beaches on this planet. Among the sand area stretching over two miles, the most noteworthy sections of Waikiki beach include Kūhiō beach, Fort DeRussy Beach and Queen’s Beach. It is hard to believe that most of these beaches are man-made!

2. Alana Moana and Fort DeRussy Beach Parks

If you want to explore the northern part of Waikiki, you can check out Ala Moana Beach Park. Kids will make the most of its 100-acre playground and the adults can take a walk along the sandy beach strip. When you get tired, take a break under the shady trees and have a feast on the picnic tables.

The park also has a yacht club, multiple tennis courts and three concession stands. For those who want to get some shopping done, the Ala Moana Mall is close by. With over 350 shops and restaurants, it has become the biggest open-air shopping center in the world.

Another cool beach park to check out would be Fort DeRussy. Compared to Ala Moana, it is much less crowded. This park comes with beach volleyball nets, surfboard racks and tennis courts. So you can choose to play anything with your family members here under the shade of palm trees.

3. Duke Kahanamoku Statue and Lagoon

Right at the start of your Waikiki exploration, you might see the tall bronze statue of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku standing in Kuhio Beach. He was a legendary swimmer and surfer which is why his statue stands in front of his surfboard’s bronze replica.

Between the start of Duke Kahanamoku beach and the Ilikai Hotel, you will find a swimming lagoon with seawall protection where you can take some laps without any stress. For faster and easier access to these, stay at Hawaiian Hilton Village Resort since both the lagoon and the beach belong to it.

4. Diamond Head Crater

One of the most intriguing aspects of Waikiki is how it simultaneously boasts of a city skyline and an intimidating crater. Thus, you can marvel at the stunning natural monuments while enjoying the security of modern man-made structures.

This crater called Diamond Head is located on the south-eastern side of Waikiki. It represents the most recognizable volcanic formation in Hawaii called the Koolau Volcano. Thankfully, it has been dormant for around 150,000-200,000 years and has become a popular hiking destination for tourists.

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What To Do In Waikiki?


If you are an adventurous soul who loves taking rides on enchanting blue waves, you will enjoy your time at Waikiki even more. Several beaches here are known as ideal places to learn and practice surfing. Among them, the two most popular ones are Ala Mona and Duke Kahanamoku.


In addition to being a beauty to admire, the Diamond Head crater also makes a great choice for hiking. You can start the journey from the Duke Kahanamoku statue, walk along the sidewalk trail of Kapiolani Park and then proceed towards Diamond Head. For a longer hike, keep walking to the hillside after passing San Souci Beach.


Tourists who want to try snorkeling often come to the San Souci beach. This family-friendly area has a reef bar and diverse marine life about 150 feet below the surface level. It is also an ideal space for kayaking and swimming since it has a natural ocean channel nearby.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, you can also check out the Royal Hawaiian beach for paddling. While the beach-specific shopping centers in Waikiki offer a lot, the International Market Place will provide you with a wider variety of stores, restaurants, events and more.

Today's Weather In Waikiki

Waikiki Beach weather is exceptionally fair for the better part of the year, with daily temperatures averaging between 75 and 85 degrees F.

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