Brazil is one of the most beautiful tropical countries in the world. Its extensive coastline and year-round summer make it one of the most searched beach destinations among tourists who love to enjoy the ocean. Among all of these beaches, there is Trancoso, in the state of Bahia.

Trancoso is one of those places made to fall in love with. Its effortless beauty makes it even more charming for those who decide to visit, and the environment around it seems to be tailor-made for relaxation. The lovely beach clubs, boutique hotels, and restaurants also contribute to that effect.

You will leave wishing you could drop everything in your life and move to the coast, selling necklaces at the beach.

So, when searching for a unique beach destination worldwide, definitely look at Trancoso. Here, we will share some of the town’s history, cultural norms, and what makes it an essential bucket list destination. Also, we will tell you the best times to visit the town, how to get there, the recommended budget, and the highlights you need to see.

Finishing off, we’ll give you a sample itinerary to make sure you make the most out of your stay in Trancoso.

A Little History of Trancoso

Trancoso is a small village in the south of Bahia, a large state in Brazil. It is known for its youthful and upbeat public, rich cuisine, parties, and mesmerizing beaches.

The Portuguese colonizers founded it as an indigenous village to convert the native people of Brazil to catholicism. Over the years, it was kept as an isolated town for indigenous tribes, until it was “discovered” by the hippies in the 1970’s. Since then, it has become one of the top tourist destinations for young travelers who seek a relaxing and bohemian experience.

Over the past few decades, with the extreme rise of tourism in the region, Trancoso became packed with boutique hotels, stores, restaurants, and many beach clubs. Now, the environment in Trancoso shifted to a more luxurious public. However, you can still find the original 70’s influence in the artisanal goods sold by the local people. 

The Quadrado is the main square in the town, and there you can find colorful houses surrounding the small, white church in the back. It is the heart of the village, reflecting its history and evolution over the years.

Cultural Norms

The cultural norms of Brazil are simple: people are warm and open-hearted, and they love to party! Brazilian people are out-going and caring, demonstrating a lot of physical affection.

When greeting someone, Brazilians usually kiss each other on the cheek, so don’t be scared if it happens to you.

Always make sure the beer is chill before serving it to your peers, and be polite with people working at restaurants, bars, and clubs!

Regarding tipping and paying at restaurants, most establishments accept cash, credit, and debit cards. People who walk on the beach selling ice cream, açai, corn on the kob, or other snacks may not accept cards, so it is always good to carry some cash with you. A 10% service fee is always included in the check, so tipping is unnecessary. However, you can always leave some change behind if you want to be polite.

Brazil is not the safest country in the world, and like the rest of South America, you need to be careful with your belongings. Don’t leave your bag at the table without people watching over it, and make sure to always keep your documents and wallet safe. This is a precaution you should take everywhere you travel.

Trancoso as a Bucket List Destination

Trancoso is a place where luxury meets casualty, where fancy dresses are paired with bare feet, and where you’ll experience a parallel universe of relaxation, party, good food, drinks, and saltwater. It is one of Brazil’s most beautiful and visited beaches, and here you will see the tales of those who came for a vacation and decided to stay forever.

There are also a lot of unique destinations around Trancoso, like the beaches in Arraial D’Ajuda and Caraiva, two neighboring towns a few kilometers away. You can plan to stay only a couple of days or even a few weeks, always finding something to do and a way to enjoy your stay.

Try to visit Trancoso during New Year’s Eve, where the town is at its peak tourist season, and the parties are endless. It is a cultural tradition to dress in white for the night of December 31st, staying up until 10 am the next day, enjoying the beach and the music from the hundreds of different festivals across the country.

Trancoso is one of the main party destinations for Brazilians during this time of the year, and they always end up hosting epic parties with some of the best national and international DJs. It is worth experiencing it at least once in your life.

Carnaval is another important date to add to your bucket list. The town gets packed with visitors from all over the country looking to enjoy the beach, the sun, and the music.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

The best time to visit Trancoso is during the summer, from December to February. This is when the town is at its peak tourist capacity, with all restaurants and hotels open and beach clubs throwing parties every day.

The only problem is that everything gets more expensive during this time. Because of extremely high demand, hotels and restaurants usually charge higher for rooms, meals, and drinks. To avoid being overcrowded, the beach clubs also charge more for concerts, tables, and chairs by the beach.

Because of the devaluation of the Brazilian Real compared to the US Dollar, Brazil has become an extremely cheap destination for outsiders, especially those coming from Europe and North America. That is sometimes challenging for Brazilians traveling on a budget. Still, it might not make much of a difference for international tourists.

Brazil is a tropical country, and Trancoso is right under the equator. It is warm year-round, so worrying about the cold is never a problem. However, it tends to rain a lot in March and April, and the town gets a little empty.

During national holidays, like Carnaval at the end of February and Independence day at the beginning of September, the town tends to get crowded. A big crowd means more parties and things to do, and you will never get bored.

However, if you’re looking for a quieter destination for some silence and relaxation, going during off-season months is a better option. You will still be able to catch one on two parties and will certainly get to visit the restaurants, shops, and other attractions. Your trip with also be cheaper, which is always a plus!

How to Get To Trancoso

Trancoso is located 47km away from the town of Porto Seguro if you take the ferry to get there. The easiest way to get to Trancoso is to fly into the Porto Seguro Airport (BPS) and catch a transfer, Uber, bus, or taxi from there. By following the highway, it takes 77km to arrive.

It is important to note that the road to get to Trancoso isn’t the easiest one to cross, so if you choose to rent a car, be careful when driving. Because of the many holes in the pavement, it is better to rent a tall vehicle that can take the pressure of a few bumps.

For those who want to avoid the trouble of renting a car or taking the bus, a Uber or Taxi ride may be the easiest way to travel. Uber rides usually charge R$160 from the Porto Seguro Airport to the center of Trancoso, and cabs/private transfers tend to charge a little more, around R$250.

Recommended Budget

Your budget when visiting Trancoso will depend on how exclusive you want your experience to be. Setting aside a considerable amount of money is necessary for those who’d like to stay in the best hotels, eat the best food, and attend the best parties and concerts. However, as mentioned above, because Real is so cheap compared to the US dollar, it won’t be excessive.

For a week’s worth of vacation time, including accommodation, three meals a day, tickets to parties, drinks, and occasional shopping, $1800 is more than enough. For those on an extremely tight budget, $300 for a week will comfortably cover your stay.

Highlights to See

Although being a small town, Trancoso has a lot to offer. It is a complete travel destination. You can enjoy a morning at the beach with an early afternoon of sightseeing and lunch. Then, a beach club in the evening to get some party time into your system, finishing off with a late dinner, maybe even exploring the shops that stay open until late. And there it is, the perfect vacation!

Here is some of the best Trancoso has to offer:

Things To Do

Trancoso is a relaxing and vibrant place. Here, you can spend a day, week, month, or even a year, never getting tired of the environment and the people around you. The town has a concentrated amount of things to do, pleasing all travelers out there! Here are some of the main activities you can do in Trancoso:


Quadrado is the name of the main square of Trancoso (quadrado literally means “square” in Portuguese, although it refers to the four-corned figure). It is a long stretch of grass leading to the main church, with tiny houses on each side.

In the middle of the square, you can find a small soccer field where locals and tourists play soccer. No matter the time of the day, there will most likely be a group of energetic individuals playing casual matches. And everybody is welcome to join in. There are also park benches in the square and charming stone pavement, reflecting the town’s bohemian spirit.

The tiny houses on both sides of the square are painted with vibrant colors, a strong characteristic of the architecture and design in the state of Bahia. They have all been converted to restaurants, hotels, and shops. Actually, most of the commerce and hospitality in Trancoso is concentrated in the Quadrado.

This is the ideal place to spend a late afternoon and evening, tasting the dishes in the different restaurants and shopping at local stores. You will find many handcrafted souvenirs to take home, a furniture store selling unique decor pieces for your house, and many clothing shops with extravagant and authentic articles of clothing.

At the end of the main square, there is also the little town church. It’s been around since the 17th century, used at first by Jesuits to convert local indigenous people into Christianity. Today, it is the main touristy point, with simple decorations and ornaments.

Behind the church, there’s a spot where you can overlook the beaches and the ocean. It is one of the most breathtaking views you’ll get in life during sunrise. Some staircases lead you all the way down to the beach, so you won’t need to go through the main road in case you’re on foot. 


Going to the beach is the main activity in town, and there is so much to do in each one that you might end up spending the entire day there. There are more than ten different beaches in Trancoso for you to visit. Some are quieter and more secluded, perfect for those who want silence and relaxation. Others are packed with beach clubs and bars, playing music all day.

We will give you a better synopsis of the best beaches to visit in Trancoso.

Day Trips

There are many small towns close to Trancoso that are worth a visit. Driving to at least one of them is an exciting break from the Trancoso life and buzz if you have some extra time. Most are close to Trancoso, and we always recommend traveling during the day because the roads can be a little dangerous. There are many sharp turns and holes on the pavement that may go unnoticed during nighttime.

Caraiva is a recently-made famous island less than a two-hour drive away from Trancoso. There are no cars and very little electricity, contributing to the island’s charm. Park the car in the parking lot and take a small boat to cross the river. You will then arrive at a town that seems to have stayed in the 19th century.

In Caraiva, you will find some of the best parties and beach clubs in Bahia. Explore the beaches and the restaurants, as well as shops and squares. Walk barefoot. Drink caipirinha and maybe even spend the night at the many hotels they have there.

Arraial D’Ajuda is another popular day trip destinaiton from Trancoso. Their beaches are not as beautiful, but their downtown is lively and packed with things to do. There are clubs and restaurants with live music, shops, and even a poker house at nighttime!


Trancoso is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Here you can find a mix of everything, from places to go with children to beaches that are perfect for young surfers.

These are some of the best options to visit in Trancoso. Plan to spend the day in one, relaxing and enjoying a drink and a snack.

Praia do Rio Verde

This beach is easily accessible by car and on foot, located 2km away from the main square of Trancoso. Here, the sand line leading to the crystal clear water isn’t very large, and the native trees and vegetation around contribute to the “secluded” vibe of the beach.

The ocean has strong waves depending on the time of the day, and there are some bars around where you can rent a chair and order food and drinks. It is a beach perfect for those who want to relax, being a little further away from the crowded beaches of the town.

Praia dos Nativos

This is one of the beaches closest to the main square, and there’s even a path that leads straight to it from the city center. Because of that, it is usually crowded with tourists and beach bars, offering fun and loud afternoons.

The best part about this beach is that it is where the Trancoso river meets the ocean, so swimming on it is an exciting experience. The views aren’t so bad either! It attends to various people, from families with children to couples looking to have a good time and even large groups of friends who rent lots of chairs and spend the afternoon drinking.

Praia dos Coqueiros

This can be considered the main beach of Trancoso, located right in front of the main square and always packed with tourists who want to enjoy themselves and the ocean. Here you can find numerous beach bars with chairs to rent, and some of the best seafood you’ll eat while in town.

There are also plenty of hotels, beach clubs, and restaurants close by, and you can certainly use their facilities if you pay. It is the perfect beach for a family vacation because you can find anything you want for your children and yourself.

This beach is also where all the famous people go when visiting Trancoso. The natural environment mixed with glamour is reason enough for that.

Praia do Rio da Barra

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Trancoso, where the Rio da Barra, a red-colored river, meets the ocean. The nature around the beach, with tall trees and colored stone walls, also creates this semi-deserted paradise.

A single restaurant at the beach serves refreshing drinks and appetizers from the local cuisine. Also, when the tide is high, you can simply float on the ocean water and relax. There’s also a hotel by the beach where you can try to rent a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak, adding some exercise and adventure to your visit.

Praia do Rio da Barra is located five km away from the main square, and you can access it on foot or by car/taxi.

Praia Itapororoca

Suppose you’re going to spend the day at Itapororoca. In that case, you may need to bring some stuff with you, like a beach towel, hat, sunscreen, and other essentials for being exposed to the sun. This is not the most famous and well-known beach in Trancoso, and maybe that’s why it is one of the best ones to visit if you want to go off-the-beaten-path.

People usually come here to get away from the busy crowds of those beaches close to the city center. Surrounded by palm trees and a lot of nature, this beach is pretty much isolated from anything else.

During the winter months, though, it becomes the central point for surfers!


Trancoso is a tourist town packed with resorts, boutique hotels, and hostels, accomodating any type of visitor with any budget in mind. Some hotels are more luxurious and offer you elite service and accommodations. In contrast, others are made for those travelers who cannot afford to spend much.

A popular term you will see around is pousada, a small hotel with not that many rooms. Most of the establishments you’ll find in Trancoso are pousadas!

The best hotels are those located by the main square or by the beach, and those tend to be a little more expensive. Here are some of the best options for different budgets and travel styles, from backpackers to honeymooners and families with children:


If you fall in love with the colorful houses in Trancoso’s main square, this may be the perfect hotel for you. Uxua is a small hotel where the rooms are inside those tiny and cozy houses. The bigger ones even come equipped with an American-style kitchen and a private garden on the back.

If you’re the type of tourist who enjoys big spaces and privacy, the rooms in Uxua will please your needs. The hotel also has a restaurant, bar, and pool. At the beach, there is a space reserved for the guests of Uxua as well, extending your privacy even when you leave the hotel.

Bahia Bonita

For those who enjoy being by the beach, Bahia Bonita is a hotel where you can wake up in the morning and dip your feet in the ocean. Located by the Rio Verde beach, two kilometers from the towns’ main square, this is one of the best-reviewed hotels in Trancoso at TripAdvisor. 

Here, breakfast is included, along with afternoon tea and free wi-fi. There’s no pool, but you have the entire ocean at your feet.

Capim Santo

This hotel is known by many tourists around Brazil because of its featured restaurant, which has establishments in many of the main cities in the country, like São Paulo or Belo Horizonte.

In Trancoso, aside from the impeccable and renowned restaurant, they also have a small hotel with a pool, bathtubs in every room, and free wi-fi. The best part? It is located five minutes away from the main square.

The decoration is minimalistic and charming. Having dinner at the Capim Santo restaurant is a must if you choose to stay here!


Also close to the main square of Trancoso, Calypso is a small hotel perfect for those with a tighter budget. They have many different rooms, from larger, family-sized suites to standard double-bed rooms.

It has excellent reviews from guests who’ve stayed there in the past, highlighting the cost-benefit of the establishment. It has a rustic decoration that matches the environment of the town.

Hospedaria do Quadrado

This hotel is located in the heart of Trancoso’s main square, built in a house from the 16th century. Although it has been reformed to better fit its guests, the hotel still carries a lot of the decoration and architecture from its original structure.

All rooms in this small hotel have free wi-fi and television, and the cost-benefit there is also worth mentioning.  In the common area, they have a lovely living room and a kitchen where you can keep food and beverages and even cook for yourself if you feel like eating in. 

Segredos de Trancoso

A fancier alternative from the previous options, Segredos de Trancoso, is a hotel at the end of the town’s main square, offering stunning views of the ocean and a big, luxurious pool. They have four tiny houses for guests, each with a private deck and an ocean view.

Aside from that, they also have a shared kitchen for guests and a lounge where you can spend your late afternoon with a glass of wine and the company of friends.

Quarto Crescente

One of the best Trancoso hotels, Quarto Crescente offers its guests a wide variety of amenities. It has 30 apartment-style rooms, a pool, garden, game room, library, and even a space dedicated for massages!

It is located about 400 meters away from the main square and only 6 minutes away from the beach. Wi-fi and breakfast are free, and so is parking. All rooms have air conditioning and a TV, and you can rent a bike or kayak at the hotel’s reception, increasing your chance of adventure.

Beach Clubs

In Trancoso, beach clubbing is something you need to do to have a full-on experience. During peak tourist seasons, especially New Year’s eve, the town becomes packed with young adults who want to drink, dance, and enjoy life by the beach.

Most beach clubs also serve as restaurants during the day, so if you’re not in a drinking mood, you can always go and have lunch while listening to some good live music from DJs from all over the world.

These are some of the most popular beach clubs in Transcoso right now! Make sure to check their schedule on their websites to ensure you don’t miss any fantastic events and concerts while visiting the town.

Uxua Beach Club

This beach club belongs to the Uxua Hotel, and it is one of the favorites among the crowd. It is built over a restored fisherman’s bar, so a lot of the original wooden material is still present in the new design of the space.

Here you can enjoy long sofa beds for your relaxation by the ocean, as well as plenty of drinks to choose from, local food and music playing all afternoon. They also offer massages, yoga, and capoeira lessons!

It is an affordable place to spend the afternoon, and we guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time!

Fly Club

Fly Club is one of the elite beach clubs of Trancoso, where a lot of famous people perform and where some of the best parties happen. It has bungalows and sofa beds by the beach. The guests can spend an entire afternoon drinking cocktails, snacking on appetizers, and listening to good music.

They are located at the Praia dos Nativos, having access to the river that runs through it to meet the ocean, providing their guests with amazing views and a relaxing environment. At sundown, enjoy as DJs from all over the world play their sets!

Pousada Estrela D’agua

This is another famous hotel in Trancoso that has its own beach club! Located at Praia dos Nativos, this establishment offers classic and modern drinks, local aperitivos, sushi, and live music all day long.

The main part of the beach club is reserved for the hotel’s guests, but you can pay a small fee and enjoy their establishment as an outsider as well. At this beach club, they sometimes host weddings and private parties for those who want to be connected to nature during their big day!

Casa Clube Trancoso

In Casa Clube, you can enjoy a lively crowd by the Rio Verde beach. Spend your day by the ocean, listening to DJs as they play their music and indulging in cocktails and local dishes.

The sunset here is also gorgeous. Many Brazilian celebrities usually come to this beach club to spend their vacation in Trancoso.


One of the wonders of visiting the state of Bahia is the food. The mix of seafood with European and creole cultures makes this one of the richest cuisines of Brazil! In Trancoso, you will find hundreds of different opportunities to try some of the most emblematic dishes in the state.

Tasting the food at the beach is a great way to start. Try the corn on the cob, açaí, and casquinha de siri (crab meat served in its own shell). You will be able to familiarize yourself with some of the simplicity and culture around this cuisine.

Dozens of exceptional restaurants are spread across town for more complete and substantial meals. Most of them are concentrated in the main square. You will find delicious options by walking around, serving fresh seafood and a vast array of dishes. Barraca do Jonas, for example, offers exceptional seafood and an outstanding farofa de banana, a friend cassava flour with bananas.

The drinks at these places are also no exception. Creative and aesthetically pleasing cocktails fill the menus of these well-designed establishments. These drinks are not only lovely to look at but actually delicious and refreshing.

Here are some of the best restaurants and bars in Trancoso:

Capim Santo

This restaurant guarantees full enjoyment and outstanding service like the hotel mentioned above. The food is known to be one of the best ones in town, and their shrimp stew with mango chutney, gratinated lobster, and coconut curry are good examples of why.

The environment is intimate, where the wooden tables and dim lighting are surrounded by nature and the sound of live music. Capim Santo cherished the hippie era of Trancoso, mixing it with the chic crowd that attends the restaurant today.

If interested, try to make a reservation. The restaurant is small and very popular, so it is at its total capacity almost every night.


Hidden behind the trees right next to the little church at the main square, Cacau is a restaurant that offers typical food from Bahia. If you want to try quality moquecas, escondidinho de carne, and bobó de camarão, this is the place to go!

It is an intimate environment with traditional decorations from the town. The star dish of the house is the mini acarajés, a typical dish of Bahia. Try making a reservation before going because it is trendy and tends to get packed. 

Jacaré do Brasil

This restaurant is located right at the entrance of the main square, and it is known for serving exceptional and fresh drinks. If you feel like having a relating and tipsy night, sit at their balcony, order a caipirinha, and enjoy the lively vibe from the people walking on the street.

Like most restaurants you’ll find in Bahia, they serve lots of seafood. However, that is not their specialty. Instead, they work with exceptional red meat dishes on their menu, like the Ossobuco with a butter pure. Gnocchis, pasta, and other healthier choices are also very popular.

Like always, make sure to reserve a table before going!

Silvana e Co.

Silvana & Cia was the first restaurant to open at Trancoso’s main square. It is one of the favorites among tourists. They specialize in seafood, and the moqueca (a fish stew) is one of the best in town. Also, try their fish on banana leaves, another favorite among the crowd.

Right under the tree shadows, the environment is ideal for a late afternoon lunch or early dinner. Most dishes are meant for two, with large serving sizes. The caipirinhas here are also exceptional, and after this meal, you might probably head to your hotel and take one of the best naps of your life.


Floresta is an affiliate of Jacaré do Brasil, made for those who want to have a special and memorable meal. You need to reserve a table ahead of time since the restaurant is exclusive and can only attend to a small number of customers each night.

Here, each table has a private tent, decorated with a bohemian and hippie aesthetic, praising the early years of Trancoso. There is a set price of R$150 per person, and the buffet consists of homemade foods that warm up your heart. The bobo de camarão is a classic, and the drinks are unique and delicious.

After your meal, you can take a walk around the vegetation that surrounds the restaurant, relaxing and digesting.


One of the best Italian restaurants in Trancoso, Maritaca offers creative, thin-crusted, and well-made pizzas, crostatas, and pasta dishes. A night of pizza and good conversation is ideal for those who want to take a break from the seafood!

The environment and beautifully decorated and relaxing, without the partying scene that most restaurants hold.


Rabanete is a self-service restaurant perfect for lunch after a long day at the beach. Every buffet section is prepared with care and well presented to the customer. The salads are complex and well balanced, and the main dishes are always warm, straight out of the wooden oven.

The menu is creative, and it changes regularly, celebrating the typical cuisine of different cultures. You’re charged by the pound, and it is not expensive at all!

Sample Itinerary

To get the whole Trancoso experience, we recommend a three-day minimum stay. Let the environment soak into your skin and feed your spirit. This way, you will be able to enjoy almost everything the town has to offer, without hurrying too much. 

Obviously, the more, the merrier. You could be here for over a  week and still find new beaches to explore and restaurants to dine in. The town has so many options and possible itineraries that you will never run out of things to do.

An ideal three-day itinerary would be enjoying a calm beach in the morning and early afternoon of your first day. Then, have lunch at one of the restaurants in the town’s square, like Rabaneiro. Shop for a while at the square, maybe buy some bracelets and necklaces. Rest a bit at your hotel, then go out for dinner, a bar, or possibly an exceptional performance at a beach club!

Walk around a different beach for a while during your second day, and then spend your afternoon at a beach club. Enjoy their drinks, food, and music. Rest for a bit and have dinner at a different restaurant at Quadrado.

Finally, enjoy a trip to Caraiva for your last day! Soak under the sun and explore the village-like town that mesmerizes tourists every year.

Trancoso As a Beach Destination

Trancoso is one of Brazil’s most popular beach destinations. It is a town with a rich history. You can see it in the tiny colorful houses around the square, the little white church, and the gastronomic culture in restaurants. The medley of bohemian design and chic lifestyle makes this a unique destination for those who love parties and relaxing.

Spending some time in Trancoso will make you want to come back, or maybe stay forever. The carefree energy of the local people passes on to you, influencing you to relax and love life. Restaurants, hotels, and shops here are fit for every imaginable budget so that everyone can enjoy Trancoso. 

Paradise is definitely a beach town, and Trancoso is close to it.