Looking for travel Instagram accounts to follow? Well, you should because according to Instagram posts, stories, and reels, the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic. Travel bloggers travel again, sharing their travel photos and impressions with their travel-thirsty followers.

These bloggers recommend beautiful destinations and promote different kinds of travel activities and adventures. We made a list of the 10 best travel Instagram accounts to follow. Check it out and enjoy the ride!


travel Instagram accounts to follow

He calls himself a Happy Dreamer. According to his Instagram account – he really is. Daniel has one of the best Instagram travel accounts, with more than 1.8 million followers on the platform. Thus, he found himself on our top 10 travel Instagram accounts to follow list.

Furthermore, Daniel is a landscape photographer who shares stunning views of beautiful lakes, breathtaking sunsets, and snow-capped mountains. When you scroll through his account you will find photographs from Russia, Japan, Antarctica, Mongolia, Greenland, Norway, Patagonia…

In addition, he also shares his filming techniques and travel adventures, usually announcing upcoming webinars and expeditions. His hashtags include destination, editing tools, type of camera and so much more.


travel instagram accounts to follow

Dave and Deb are the bloggers behind ThePlanetD and were even named Top Travel Influencers by Forbes Magazine. They have visited over 115 countries on all 7 continents and are real heavyweights in the travel space. 

Dave and Deb mostly share one picture per post and use captions to describe the location and share camera settings. The number of hashtags varies from a couple to twenty or thirty and includes destinations, type of photos, and travel.

Also, they like to respond to comments under their posts, or at least like them. Their travel blog Planet D is an award-winning and one of the best travel Instagram accounts in 2021, with over 204k followers.


travel instagram accounts to follow

“It all started with a hedgehog named Mr. Pokee who taught us to be happy and smile.” This sentence is written under the profile picture of one cute hedgehog who has almost 2 million followers.

So what’s the catch? Well, this account shares photos of a hedgehog Mr. Pokee traveling around the world. The creators of this account wanted to remind people that there are always reasons to be happy, no matter how serious things can be.

Every once in a while there are a few long stories, but the captions are mostly short. Photos show beautiful destinations and stories about the adventures of a little hedgehog.


travel instagram accounts to follow

Alex Strohl is a photographer and filmmaker who has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. His eye for beauty is really stunning; he really has a gift to capture and show all the natural beauty in the shot.

Furthermore, this blogger usually describes his locations and camera settings, but sometimes shares his experiences, adventures, and personal impressions. He doesn’t use many hashtags. Alex is on the team with @canonusa and @wildistco


Louis Cole is a travel vlogger who shares his adventures, hoping to inspire social change. He has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Furthermore, his account is rich with single-picture posts, carousel posts, reels, and IGTV videos. 

Also, Louis shares travel adventures, describe locations and promotes social campaigns. He also runs a lot of contests and giveaways. You can find hashtags for social campaigns like #SayYes or #EarthDayLive.


Kiersten Riech is a woman who stands behind this blog. She is a Californian native who changed her corporate wealth management career to traveling around the globe.

Her Instagram account is for solo and female travelers around the world. And, at this moment she is one of the top travel influencers! Kiersten has been to over 70 countries and has over 520k followers on Instagram.

Likewise, her photos are stunning and breathtaking, her destinations are very popular and her captions are all about personal experience, travel tips, lifestyle, and, of course, sponsored content. It is really nice that she always gives an answer to all comments under her posts.


Murad Osmann is the man behind the “Follow me” photo series with the iconic hand-holding pose. He is also a film producer, having over 3.6 million followers on Instagram.

Together with his wife Natalia Murad chronicles the world’s most beautiful things. He made it to the list of the top three travel influencers by Forbes. Furthermore, Murad usually shares single-picture posts, but there are also carousel posts and reels.

Also, he uses captions to describe locations where the photos are shot or share travel experiences.


Tara Whiteman is an Australian travel blogger who has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Her photos are beautiful and arranged through a kaleidoscope of color, passing from yellow to peach to blue and so on.

In addition, her Instagram account will teach you how to travel in style and live life to the fullest. Likewise, Tara shares a lot of reels and some IGTV videos, but also single-image and carousel posts. And, she often talks about her travel experiences in destinations and promotes beauty and fashion brands in captions.


Carolyn travels around the English countryside. She has 775k followers on Instagram and shares photos of beautiful indoor and outdoor in England, in a very vibrant and atmospheric mixture.

Furthermore, Carolyn posts only 4-5 times per month, but every post has a lot of comments. Her captions are all about travel experiences, descriptions of places, famous quotes, and similar. She almost never uses hashtags.


This account is one of the most amazing travel Instagram accounts, with over 2.6 million followers. Thanks to Garrett and Jessica Gee, who sold everything they owned to travel the world with their three kids, this family has been to over 85 countries all over the world.

The Bucket List Family also has a YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers. Those two share their family adventures and fun times and they have a lot of reels and IGTV videos, but also carousel posts that are very real.

Their captions length varies from one sentence to long texts, where Garret and Jessica write about their trips, parenting, and more. They use two to four hashtags on average, and only under some posts. You can find location and animal hashtags, travel-related hashtags like #bucketlist, and more.