While you are in the middle of a great game, the last thing you will do is pay attention to what’s around the basketball court, right? Also, the majority of basketball courts around the world are located in the cities, between buildings, so in most cases, there’s not much to see anyway. However, what if you find yourself on some of the best beachside basketball courts?

Playing on beachside basketball courts completely changes the game. And, there are actually quite a few scattered around the globe that make focusing on the ball very complicated. You will probably pay more attention to everything around the court than on the court and the game itself.

But, if you can keep your eyes on the ball but still want to enjoy amazing scenery at half-time, then keep reading this article.  You will discover the best beachside basketball courts and maybe check out a few this summer.

Best Beachside Basketball Courts

If you love the game, then you definitely know that there’s a certain magical feeling involved when you are shooting the hoops right by the water. That goes double when that water is the ocean or the sea. Therefore, we decided to spread the magic and give you an insight into the locations of some of the best basketball courts that are close to the beach.

Frank Brown Park, Panama City Beach, Florida

best beachside basketball court

This basketball court can be found in Brown Park. It’s just over the street from the Gulf of Mexico and during the entire year, it hosts a plethora of local games. In addition, you can also have fun on tennis courts or sit and relax and enjoy the ocean sunset from the pavilion.

Beach Road, Orange County, California

best beachside basketball court

Have you ever imagined playing a match with your friends with the refreshing Pacific breeze keeping you cool? Well, now you know that it isn’t impossible and you can actually feel that on Orange County’s Beach road. Furthermore, this court is located just a few steps away from the beach and is actually one of the best beachside courts in South Cali.

Best Beachside Basketball Courts – Venice Beach, California

best beachside basketball court

If you’ve seen the movies American History X and White Men Can’t Jump, then you’ve definitely seen these famous four basketball courts. They are located right on Venice Beach in LA, therefore, the scenery around them can’t be anything short of breathtaking. As a matter of fact, from each court, you can see the Pacific Ocean and the famous beautiful sandy beach.

Hannah’s Beach Resort, Philippines

best beachside basketball court

The Hanna’s Beach Resort in the Philippines is great for many things, but for basketball lovers, this is one of the world’s top locations because of the mesmerizing views. You can enjoy a game of hoops and relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean sunset afterward.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

best beachside basketball court

In Florida, more precisely in Fort Lauderdale, you can find another two great beachside basketball courts where you can just admire the magnificent nature while catching your breath in the halftime. The courts themselves are located on South Beach. And, if you do find yourself in Florida this year, make sure to check these two courts out.

Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK

best beachside basketball court

Even though beach times are not that popular in the UK because of their infamous weather, the whole world knows about the parties that go down on the legendary Brighton Beach.

However, not many know that this beach also offers a top-notch basketball court with a 5-star view. Furthermore, if you are not in the mood for playing but still want to enjoy both a good game and the scenery, you will be happy to know that this court is also famous for three-on-three tournaments.

Flamingo Park, Miami Beach, Florida

best beachside basketball court

Right in the center of South Beach, Miami, you can find the famous, all-year-round-full courts in Flamingo Park. One of the reasons that these courts are this famous is because they are always clean and in top shape and because they are surrounded from one side by an activities-filled park, and the beach and the ocean from the other side.

The other, more important reason why players love these courts is the fact that they are open non-stop and perfectly lit during the night. And of course, there’s always the fresh ocean breeze to keep you cool and focused on the ball.

DeShayes Dream Court, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

best beachside basketball court

At the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, you can find the famous beach at Cabo San Lucas. And right on the beach, literally on the sand, usually in the summer, during the special events here, you can find a temporary state-of-the-art basketball court.

First of all, you will be blown away by the modern all-weather court surface, with blue accents on end lines, sidelines, and the key. Then once you get past the WOW effect of the court, you will notice the amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, and feel the fresh, energizing ocean air.

Best Beachside Basketball Courts – Angel’s Gate, San Pedro, California

best beachside basketball court

In California, in San Pedro’s Angel’s Gate Park, you can find one of the most photographed beachside basketball courts in the world. The reason why so many people take photos of this court is the spectacular Pacific Ocean View. 

It’s amazing that pretty much everywhere you look while on the court, all you can see is the Pacific Ocean. Imagine how hard is to keep your eyes on the ball while the Ocean is calling you.

In addition, an interesting piece of information is that this court was used for a scene in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” movie.

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

best beachside basketball courts

Even though basketball isn’t the first association when you hear British Columbia, there’s a beachside court in Kitsilano Beach is definitely worth mentioning. The view from this court is just breathtaking!

From the blue all-weather surface and with the maple leaf in the center, you can actually see the entire English Bay and the west part of Vancouver city in the distance.