When you say “The Most Accessible Tropical Beaches”, what does that actually mean? Well, some of them are four hours away. Some are twelve. But what they all have in common is the fact that they are all connected by a single flight.

Traveling abroad from the United States doesn’t have to require a string of potentially missed connections or prolonged layovers in remote airports. From exotic locations like New York, Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles, major cities may be accessed in just one flight from these exotic locations.

We present to you a list of the most accessible tropical beaches you will enjoy.

The Most Accessible Tropical Beaches – Tahiti

Most Accessible Tropical Beaches - tahiti

This stunning place is surrounded by a magnificent azure lagoon. Beautiful, sandy beaches are lined with trees of coconut palms. All the luxurious bungalows in Tahiti rise above the great, blue sea. You probably know from the pictures all over the Internet that most of these bungalows have glass floor panels. This way, you can see the sea below your legs. Tahiti has a lot to offer – from water activities to kayak excursions to islands, to shark dives and hiking trails. A nonstop, overnight trip from Los Angeles will take you here in around 8.5 hours. Get on board, put the kids to rest, and wake up in a paradise on another planet.


Barbados is a family favorite and is only a nonstop flight away from cities like Miami, New York, and Fort Lauderdale. It has a British flair and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. When you’re not chillin’ on the beach, spend your days with the family on snorkeling excursions, sunset catamaran sails, or go deep sea fishing. If you have any young board riders in your group, they might want to take lessons from the local Bajan board riders since Barbados is also recognized for having good surf.


Most Accessible Tropical Beaches -Bonaire

The desert-like island of Bonaire is a part of the Dutch Antilles. This place is unique for a variety of reasons. As in Amsterdam, the primary language spoken here is Dutch. While other Caribbean islands have big rainforests and palm trees, Bonaire has iguanas and cactuses. The island is a scuba diver’s dream, and the reefs offer “fish and coral” fairytales for families who enjoy snorkeling. Pink flamingo sightings and a visit to the donkey sanctuary, which houses rescued animals, are two other island highlights. Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and Newark, New Jersey all have nonstop flights to this location.


Although the isolated Azores islands in the North Atlantic belong to Portugal, their untamed, windswept, and verdant good looks resemble a cross between New Zealand and Hawaii. You’re in a really exotic part of the world, and getting to the Azores is surprisingly simple thanks to nonstop flights from Boston and New York. Exploring the archipelago will be easy for brave families that enjoy hiking and whale watching and don’t mind frigid ocean temperatures. The Azores are among the most fascinating islands.


Despite humble tourism, Grenada continues to be one of the Caribbean islands with the most exotic and unspoiled landscapes. You can take the kids on tours of cocoa, nutmeg, and coffee plantations while visiting this spice island, where anything you drop on the soil can grow. Due to the island’s volcanic nature, here you can find many black sand beaches. One of the prettiest locations for swimming and water sports is Grand Anse, a long expanse of White Beach.


Most Accessible Tropical Beaches

If a crystal-clear, warm sea is everything you’re looking for, then the Maldives is the perfect choice for you.. Did you know that water accounts for 99 percent of the Maldives? Unfortunately, this is very dangerous because the island is low-lying, so it can cause problems with the shores. The capital city of the Maldives is Male, but most tourists go straight to the luxury resorts with white sand beaches and crystal-clear aquamarine water. The most popular activities in the Maldives are snorkeling, surfing, and diving. You can also swim with whale sharks and manta rays. A cruise vacation is another option you have when visiting the Maldives.

The Most Accessible Tropical Beaches – Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean island, is actually closer to Miami than it is to France. You must admit – really exotic. Guadeloupe, which resembles a butterfly, has beautiful beaches and a lot of lush rainforest areas. Take the kids to the Pointe-a-Pitre fish market and schedule time to sample more than one of the coconut ice creams being offered from unassuming shops on the beach. Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Fort Lauderdale are the U.S. cities from where nonstop flights to Guadeloupe are available.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

The Cook Islands’ Aitutaki is a paradise for tourists. Aitutaki checks all the boxes for the ideal exotic tropical vacation, including a brilliant aqua lagoon, verdant peaks, magnificent beaches teeming with palms, and some of the kindest locals in the South Pacific. Rarotonga, one of the largest Cook Islands, serves as the major entry point for tourists, but Aitutaki, which is 45 minutes away by plane, is the crown gem in an archipelago of 15 gorgeous tropical isles. The Cook Islands are a popular destination for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. The island offers a peek into the laid-back village life, which comes to a complete stop on Sundays for church services.

Kaua’i, Hawaii

Kaua’i, also known as the Garden Isle, is a tropical sanctuary. Nature enthusiasts from all over the world are attracted to the stunning rainforests, waterfalls, and breathtaking green coastline peaks. The island, a lava-sculpted natural gem, has a more pleasant atmosphere than its well-known sister islands, Maui and Oahu. Turtles and tropical fish can be seen swimming in the vibrant coral reefs that are underwater. On land, you may relax on golden beaches, take in the view of Hanalei Bay’s cloud-covered cliffs, go hiking among the amazing velvety peaks, or discover the forest. And if you want to fly to Kaua’i, you may be able to fly nonstop from many cities like Chicago, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas, Sacramento, etc.

The Most Accessible Tropical Beaches – Cancun, Mexico

It comes as no surprise that Cancun is one of Mexico’s most well-liked vacation destinations with its stunning ocean, pristine white-sand beaches, and vivid coral reefs. Cancun is an extremely popular West Coast destination in the Caribbean. There are non-stop flights from Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Seattle. No matter whether the coast is home, Cancun is the connecting point for the close-by islands. Stay on Isla Mujeres to escape the grid while taking a day trip to Cancun. No other location offers a better chance to witness up to 400 whale sharks going by simultaneously from July through September.