Savvy packing tips could really come in handy when you are preparing for a short business trip or a 10-day holiday vacation as it could get really stressful. Nowadays, we can find a lot of packing tips all over the Internet; even professional travelers share their good and bad packing experience! When packing for a trip you should follow the first rule of packing tips, and that is – don’t panic.

Some wise traveler once said that when packing for a trip it’s best to take half the luggage and double the money. Big and wise words. Still, if you are a person who wants to look stylish and fashionable in every single moment of your vacation, then those big and wise words must be replaced with big and wise packing tips.

Therefore, get yourself a coffee and get comfortable because we will share with you 10 Savvy Packing Tips that will make your packing easier than ever.

Savvy Packing Tips – 10 Best and most Useful Ones

Let’s start with our 10 savvy packing tips list. Get ready to never have a holiday packing nightmare ever again.

List of Priorities

We know, lists are so boring. However, you must know that writing everything down before you start packing is the only way to avoid forgetting something. You will, spontaneously, make priorities of stuff that you really need and stuff you can “forget”. When you make a list, go through it again. Make sure you put everything on paper. This way you will be more relaxed and more secure in your choices.

Keep Rolling

savvy packing tips

You should roll your clothes, especially towels and underwear. This way you will avoid the need to iron every single piece of clothes when you reach your holiday destination. Your clothes will be nice and straight when you unroll them from your suitcase.

At the same time, you will see so much space in your suitcase and bags. If you don’t know how to do it or you don’t believe in the words we say, go to YouTube and check out some great rolling clothes videos!

Separate Your Clothes

When you put all your clothes in one bag you should know that there’s a chance to get crazy and forget in which part of your bag are panties and in which dresses. To avoid that chaos, it is good to sort your clothes into different bags. Dresses in one bag, underwear in another, etc. So when you prepare for your romantic holiday dinner you will know where to find the dress, and where to find your gorgeous necklace.

Laundry Bag

Dirty laundry… Nightmare. If your vacation doesn’t include an all-inclusive hotel where you have someone to do your laundry, you shouldn’t contaminate your luggage with dirty laundry. Take one plastic bag and put your dirty laundry in it. It is really important to separate it from the clean laundry because of bacteria, smell, and all other unpleasant stuff. This will save your time when you come back home. You will just put the clean clothes back in your closet, and a laundry bag straight in the washing machine.


Don’t put your big bottle of perfume or shampoo in your suitcase. The thing is – you should avoid getting your bag soaked in all that cosmetics. They take a lot of space! Just repack your liquids into refillable cosmetic containers.  Containers will give more space to your clothes. You can buy them in stores all over the internet. They are cheap, very well designed, and most important – recyclable and great for the environment.

Bye, Bye Beauty Products

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Say goodbye to your daily routines. Why waste your time on makeup when you can spend that time on the beach? Actually, you know that you will probably sweat during the hot summer holiday. So why bother your skin with unnecessary makeup?

Let your skin breathe, soak your hair in the sea, and just forget about the hairspray, eyeshadow, and other beauty products. The summer sun is enough for you to glow and wake up your natural beauty! Bring only the most essential products such as lip balm, night and day cream, body lotion, and sunscreen.

No Need for a Carry Bradshaw on Holiday

Yes, it’s easier to say than do but only pack what you need, not what you want. You will survive without 3 more sandals, or 4 dresses more. Bring clothes in colors and mix them and match; shoes should be neutral so you can mix them with different kinds of clothes. One light sweater is a “must” because there will be some fresh nights and mornings and you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Training Gear

Don’t lose your shape, even if you are on holiday. Training gear will remind you that physical activity is crucial for your energy and happiness. Free some space in your suitcase and put that beautiful training gear you bought last year for an enormous sum of money. You never know when you will decide to ride a bicycle, run or play volleyball. There are hotels that have gyms, too. Don’t forget to bring a bag for your water bottle to prevent dehydration.

Low Battery –  A Holiday’s Nightmare!

People like to share holiday pictures and videos, tag their family members and friends, add locations… All of that could be impossible if you forget your charger and cables. So make sure you avoid losing your mobile equipment. Just put them together in some pencil case or an old sunglasses case. This way you will make sure you know where you put all that stuff and will be easier to find them in a suitcase.

Pro Savvy Packing Tip: Powerbanks are life savers when your battery runs out while you are out and about.

Big Hand Luggage

If, somehow, you couldn’t give up that great big bottle of hair conditioner or that beautiful cocktail dress, be sure you bring a big handbag to get extra room for all that stuff you can’t live without. Big hand luggage is a great solution for your most valuable items, in case of a lost suitcase. You can also use this luggage to put your souvenirs on the way back home.

Savvy Packing Tips – Wrapping Things Up!

So this is it. We hope you enjoyed the ride. Take our tips seriously go through them again, check for video tutorials and make packaging joyful. Have a nice trip!

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